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Dialog box

What is a Dialog box

A Dialog box is a box which refers to a Dialog topic.


Creating a Dialog box

To create a Dialog box:

Step Action
Right click the Flow diagram wherever you want to create the box.

Click Create a new box > Dialog... in the contextual menu.


Associate the box with a Dialog topic:

  • Choose an existing Dialog topic in the list, or
  • Click the Add a new topic button to create a new one.

Result: the box name is automatically completed using the name of the chosen Dialog topic. You may optionally redefine it.

Enter a Description for your box.
Optional: set the picture to recognize it among other boxes.

Optional: set Parameters, Inputs and Outputs.

For further details about parameters, see: How to add/remove inputs, outputs, parameters in a box.

Click the OK button. The created Dialog box is displayed on the Flow diagram.

The box is now linked to a Dialog topic.

To modify the Dialog topic, see: Editing a Dialog topic.

For further details, see the tutorial: Creating Dialog boxes.

Associating the box to a different Dialog topic

To associate the Dialog box to a different Dialog topic:

  1. Right click the box and choose Edit box in the contextual menu.
  2. Select or create a new Dialog topic.

Box invalidity

Sometimes, a Dialog topic gets deleted (either because you deleted it or moved it away) while some dialog boxes still refer to it. In that case, said boxes are said to be invalid and represented with a dashed outline.


If you double click an invalid box, you will be presented the Box Edit Widget, from where you will be able to associate the box with another topic.