SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?


What is a Project

The Project allows you to save on your computer, in one folder, all the files and content necessary to create an Application:

How to manage Project

The File menu allows you to:

  • Create, open and save a Project;
  • Import a Project from a CRG or a former Directory,
  • Add or import new content to the current Project,
  • Modify its Project Properties,
  • Export the project as a CRG,
  • Build it into an Application.

The Project files panel allows you to:

  • Modify its Project Properties,
  • Add new content to the current Project,
  • Edit, delete and organize in sub-folders the content and files attached to the current Project.

Tip 1: unsupported languages

You may encounter a warning message when you load a project supporting a robot language unknown by your current Choregraphe installation:


To fix this issue, connect to Internet and make sure Choregraphe is allowed to access to Internet before restarting itself. Choregraphe will automatically download necessary missing information to support latest robot languages.

Tip 2: external management

You can also modify the content of the Project using your favorite file management tools.

For example, to import a Dialog topic from a Project to another:

Step Action
Copy/Paste the folder containing the Dialog topic from one Project folder to another.

Coming back to Choregraphe, accept the imported files.



If you pressed No or No to All, this is not final. You still can import your files manually into your project.

You just have to select Import content > Files... or Import content > Folder... from the File menu, browse into your project folder, and import the desired files or folder.

Project available formats

Extension Usage

Storage format

A unique file with PML extension located at the root folder of your project references all the Project files and contents.


Publication format

The Package is a binary format used to publish an Application.

For further details, see: Building an Application Package.


Exchange Format

The CRG file format stores the project in a single compressed file.

The project CRG format is an easy way to archive a project and / or deliver it to someone else.