SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Back up my robot user data

1/5 - Making the robot ready for backup

Step Action

Make sure your robot is in version 2.3 or higher.

For further details, see: Upgrading my NAO.

Check the battery level.

Important: make sure the robot battery is fully charged: a power shortage during backup could create a corrupted and unusable file.

Tips: if your battery has a limited capacity, you should leave the charger plugged during the upgrade. However it could be wise to order a new battery.

Make sure you have installed Choregraphe suite.

For further details, see: Choregraphe suite - Installation Guide.

Launch Memory Backup.

2/5 - Select the task to perform

Step Action

Select Back up ....



The applications installed on your robot are managed by the SoftBank Robotics Community website and will not be backed up.

Click the Next button.

3/5 - Connecting to the robot

Step Action

Select a robot in the list, or type his IP address.


Then click the Next button.

Enter the password of the robot.

Click the Connect button.
Click the Next button.

4/5 - Selecting the destination file

Step Action

Use the Browse button to select the destination path of the backup file.

Click the Next button.

5/5 - Finalize the backup

Step Action

Read it carefully and then click the Backup button.



You will not be able to pursue if the robot is not plugged.

Once the backup is done, click the Finish button.


See also Backup/Restore robot data troubleshooting.