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Thinking Expression

The goal of this feature is to make users understand that the robot needs to process/think for a while for what they asked and that they need to wait.

The robot will automatically do the Thinking Expression when loading an Interactive Activity if Autonomous Life is already in Interactive State.

During the Thinking Expression:

  1. The robot says the Loading Responses of the Activity along with body language.
  2. If the Activity completes loading before the Loading Response sentence finishes, the entire Loading Response is still spoken.
  3. With remaining Activity loading time, the robot says thinking phrases (sentences such as “let’s see” and sounds such as “hummm”) randomly, one after another, along with some thinking animation.
  4. When Activity Loading is complete, the robot says a random remember phrase (sentence or sound such as “I found it!”).


If the Activity’s Behavior has been preloaded with ALBehaviorManagerProxy::preloadBehavior, the Thinking Expression is not used.

Safeguard causes

Please read States documentation for a description of how the Safeguard State affects the flow of Autonomous Life and your Activity.

Name Affected Robots Starts when... Ends when...
RobotFell nao NAO & juju Pepper The robot is going to fall down as detected by the Fall manager.

NAO: The robot has finished falling and is stable on the ground.

Pepper: After falling, the robot has been placed upright again.

RobotPushed juju Pepper The robot has been pushed by somone as detected by the Push Recovery. 3 seconds later, after the robot has fully rebalanced.
RobotMoved juju Pepper

The recharging hatch is closed, and someone has attempted to forefully roll the robot around.

It will not be triggered if the recharging hatch is open, because in this case the wheels are not locked or powered, thus moving the robot around is considered safe.

The robot is no longer being rolled around.
CriticalDiagnosis nao NAO & juju Pepper ALDiagnosis has detected an error on a CRITICAL device. The device has recovered. Not all errors are recoverable. A notification may advise you to restart the robot. If the error continues, you may need to service your robot.
CriticalTemperature nao NAO & juju Pepper ALBodyTemperature has detected an overheat on a CRITICAL device. The device has cooled to an acceptable level.

State change cleanup

In addition to State change operations described in State machine management, Extractors management, and Autonomous Abilities, Autonomous Life also performs some other cleanup. The purpose of this cleanup is to make sure that no asynchronous operations from a previous Activity will interfere with the next Activity, and to ensure the robot is in a consistent known state at the start of any Activity.

Category Operations

All in-progress animations are stopped.

Parameters are reset to defaults.

ALTextToSpeech Parameters that alter the voice tone and speed are reset to defaults.

The robot is woken up and motors are all stiff.

Movements that can cause the robot to translate or rotate are stopped.

External collision and self collision are set to the default enabled. Blind zone configuration is set to the default parameters.

Fall manager is set to the default enabled.

Push recovery is set to the default enabled.

ALLeds LEDs are reset to the default state.
ALTabletService The tablet goes back to the default idle view.
ALAutonomousLife All Safeguards are reenabled.