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Extractors management

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Why Autonomous Life manages Extractors

Autonomous Life starts and stops extractors to provide it with Context about the environment. This data is used in Launch trigger conditions that you can use for autonomously starting Activities.

Depending on States, different extractors are started to optimize the robot’s goals, with consideration for CPU consumption.

Extractors managed by Autonomous Life

Extractor Active states Parameter details
ALPeoplePerception Solitary

Default subscription parameters.

ALPeoplePerception::setMaximumDetectionRange set to 3.5.

All other People Perception parameters are default.

ALMovementDetection Solitary

Default subscription parameters.

All Movement Detection parameters are default.

ALEngagementZones Solitary

Default subscription parameters.

nao NAO:

ALEngagementZonesProxy::setFirstLimitDistance set to 1.5.

ALEngagementZonesProxy::setSecondLimitDistance set to 2.5.

ALEngagementZonesProxy::setLimitAngle set to 90.

juju Pepper:

ALEngagementZonesProxy::setFirstLimitDistance set to 0.8.

ALEngagementZonesProxy::setSecondLimitDistance set to 0.9.

ALEngagementZonesProxy::setLimitAngle set to 90.

ALGazeAnalysis Solitary

Default subscription parameters.

All Gaze Analysis parameters are default.

ALWavingDetection Solitary

Default subscription parameters.

All Waving Detection paraeters are default.