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What it does

ALSpeakingMovement enables to start autonomously movements during the speech of the robot.


If you call ALTextToSpeechProxy::say the robot will never autonomously move no matter the state of ALSpeakingMovement.

If you call ALAnimatedSpeechProxy::say the robot will autonomously move if ALSpeakingMovement is enabled.

How it works

ALSpeakingMovement is an autonomous ability which is enabled by default. For further details, see: Autonomous Abilities.

Speaking Movement Modes

Two modes are available:

random - The robot randomly launches some short neutral animations which are executed one after another.

contextual - The robot launches some specific animations each time a keyword like ‘I’, ‘you’ or ‘all’ is detected in an appropriate grammatical context (for example, he will point at himself when he talks about himself).
While no contextual animations is found, it randomly launches a new animation.
You can add new associations between words and tagged animations using: ALSpeakingMovementProxy::addTagsToWords
You can remove the associations between words and tagged animations added from the previous method, using: ALSpeakingMovementProxy::resetTagsToWords

The speaking movement takes all motor resources if they are available. It stops as soon as they are asked by another animation (launched by ALAnimatedSpeech or ALAnimationPlayer for example).