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This is a WIP, API and documentation are not definitive.

What it does

The Push recovery is a reflex dedicated to prevent the fall of the robot, using information provided by its gyrometers and wheel velocities.

The principle is to compensate the tilt of the robot when anything or anyone pushes the robot. If it can be stabilized by itself, it will use its joints and the acceleration of its wheels to prevent the fall.

If it can’t be stabilized by itself (the tilt angle is too high or the angular velocity reaches a defined limit), the fall manager will be triggered. Even if the fall manager is deactivated, the push recovery will stop if the same condition occurs.

How it works

The Push recovery reflex is enabled by default when NAOqi is running.

It can be triggered any time, even during the execution of a movement or of a Timeline, except when:

  • the power hatch is opened, or
  • the robot is in a resting posture.

It is possible to deactivate manually the push recovery using the procedure described here: Deactivation of the safety reflexes.

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