NAOqi Core

Core modules

NAOqi comes with a list of core modules that are always available.

Every module comes with a list of default methods.

You can read the API that is shared by every module in the ALModule API section.

Vision and perception modules also inherit methods from Extractors.

A few general purpose modules are also available by default.

Use ... To ...
ALAutonomousLife Maintain the robot life cycle and manage the launching of activities
ALBehaviorManager Start and stop behaviors
ALConnectionManager Manage connection to a network and its configuration
ALMemory Get and insert data for every other module to use
ALModule Create your own modules
ALNotificationManager Manage notifications
ALPreferenceManager Read and save robot settings
ALResourceManager Handle resources
ALStore Retrieve applications from the Apps 2.1 Store
ALSystem Manage the robot system
ALUserSession Manages the state of active users, and the bindings to their data
ALTabletService Load web application, play videos, and manage the tablet itself
ALWorldRepresentation Store long term data about detected objects in a spatially structured database
PackageManager Manage packages: installation, uninstallation
Deprecated modules
ALBonjour Advertises NAOqi on Bonjour
ALLauncher Loads dynamic libraries inside NAOqi process and runs executables
ALLogger Logs information on the robot from a remote machine
ALPreferences Read and save settings from configuration files