NAOqi Vision

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nao NAO - Video camera.

Video and picture management

Use ... To ...
ALPhotoCapture Take pictures and save them on disk.
ALVideoDevice Manage video inputs.
ALVideoRecorder Record video.

Video detection

Use ... To ...
ALBacklightingDetection Check if the image of the camera is backlit.
ALBarcodeReader Detect and read a barcode in an image.
ALColorBlobDetection Detect blobs (circular or not) of a given color.
ALDarknessDetection Check if the environment is dark.
ALLandMarkDetection Detect specific visual landmarks.
ALMovementDetection Detect some movement and tell where it comes from.
ALRedBallDetection Detect red and circular objects.

Tools for a visual memory

Use ... To ...
ALVisionRecognition Make the robot learn and recognize visual patterns: objects, pictures...
ALVisualSpaceHistory Build a timestamped map of the head positions.

Vision as navigation tool

Use ... To ...
ALLocalization give to the robot the ability to come back to a learned home.
ALVisualCompass Use an image as a compass.

3D sensor specific

Use ... To ...
ALCloseObjectDetection Detect objects that are to close to be directly detected by the 3D sensor
ALSegmentation3D Segmentate the depth images returned by the 3D sensor.