type void

An empty type.

  • Python: sys.None
  • Java: void
  • .Net: void
type bool

A boolean true or false value

  • Python: sys.bool
  • Java: boolean
  • .Net: System.Boolean
type int

A 32bit integer value

  • Python: sys.int
  • Java: int
  • .Net: System.Int
type float

A 32bit floating point value

  • Python: sys.float
  • Java: float
  • .Net: System.Float
type std::string

A standard template library string

  • Python: sys.str
  • Java: java.lang.String
  • .Net: System.String
type std::vector<std::string>

A standard template library vector of strings

  • Python: sys.List of sys.str
  • Java:
  • .Net: System.Generics.List<System.String>
type std::vector<float>

A standard template library vector of floats

  • Python: sys.List of sys.float
  • Java:
  • .Net: System.Generics.List<System.Float>

NAOqi specific

type AL::ALValue

A generic container, that can contain any of the basic types, or recursive lists of thereof

  • Python: sys.tupple
  • Java:
  • .Net: System.Collections.ArrayList
type boost::shared_ptr<AL::ALOwner>

shared AL::ALOwner

type boost::shared_ptr<AL::ALHierarchyOwner>

shared AL::ALHierarchyOwner

type AL::ALImage

A generic image container used in the Vision API and documented here.