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What it does

ALNavigation API allows the user to perform safe displacements when using the robot.

nao NAO

NAO cannot yet avoid obstacles, but he is able to move cautiously, stopping as soon as an obstacle enters its security zone.

pepp Pepper only

Pepper may also use the ALNavigation API in several modes:

How it works

Obstacle avoidance

pepp Pepper only

While moving, the robot tries to detect obstacles in its move direction, using all its sensors.


Safety map

pepp Pepper only

The safety map is used for motion safety, local navigation, and free zone APIs.

This map is built from merging data coming from all the sensors able to help, such as 3D camera, laser, sonar, etc.

Potential obstacles may stay in memory even when they are not directly seen anymore. This long term memory may keep obstacle up to 15 seconds.

Mapping and Localization

pepp Pepper only

Pepper is able to:

  • Map his environment;
  • Localize himself and navigate inside a mapped environment.

The process of simultaneously localizing himself and mapping an unknown environment is known as SLAM. When mapping his environment, Pepper uses his odometry, laser sensors and cameras to perform SLAM.

To map an unknown environment, Pepper must move around. This can be done through autonomous exploration or manually, following developer commands.

Once Pepper is done mapping, the map can be retrieved as a 2D image.