SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

NAOqi Interaction engines

What are interaction engines

Some keys modules, running on your SoftBank Robotics robot define his basic interactive and alive behavior. Developing applications and Activities running on a SoftBank Robotics robot implies to understand the purpose of these modules and to take advantage of them.

For further details, see: Programming for a living robot.

Alive and responsive

Module Purpose
ALAutonomousLife Maintain the robot life cycle and manage the launching of activities.

Autonomous Abilities

Module Purpose
ALAutonomousBlinking Enables the robot to make its eye LEDs blink when it sees someone and when it is interacting.
ALBackgroundMovement Defines which slight movements the robot does autonomously when its limbs are not moving.
ALBasicAwareness Allows the robot to react to the environment to establish and keep eye contact with people.
ALListeningMovement Enables some slight movements showing that the robot is listening.
ALSpeakingMovement Enables to start autonomously movements during the speech of the robot.

Able to listen and answer

Module Purpose
ALDialog Create a basic knowledge database for conversational skills.

Deprecated modules

Deprecated modules
ALAutonomousMoves Use the ALBackgroundMovement and ALListeningMovement instead.