SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

NAOqi Audio

Sound management

See also: nao Loudspeakers, Microphones, pepp Loudspeakers, Microphones.

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Manage audio inputs and outputs.

This module is used by all other audio modules except ALAudioPlayer.

ALAudioPlayer Play audio files on the robot.
ALAudioRecorder Record audio files on the robot.

Sound detection and localization

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ALSoundDetection Detect sound events.
ALSoundLocalization Localize sounds detected by the ALSoundDetection module.

Language management

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ALSpeechRecognition Make the robot understand what a human says.
ALTextToSpeech Make the robot speak.
ALAnimatedSpeech Combine speech and gestures.
ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis Identifies the emotion expressed by the speaker’s voice.

How to temporarily change the language of the robot

Step Action

Make sure you understand the status of the different languages available on your robot: default, usual and temporarily set.

Find the definitions in the user guides:

nao Setting NAO’s preferred language pepp Setting Pepper’s preferred language.

To know which languages are installed on the robot, use:

To temporarily set a language, use:

You can also use the following methods in order to mix 2 different languages, one for the speech recognition, and another for the text to speech function:

Deprecated modules

Deprecated modules
1.22 ALAudioSourceLocalization Use ALSoundDetection instead.