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NAOqi Audio - Overview | API

What it does

ALAudioRecorder provides recording services in “WAV” and “OGG” file format of the signals coming from the robot’s microphones.


This module is only available on the robot.

How it works

ALAudioRecorder relies on the linux library SNDFile to efficiently encode audio inputs in real time. ALAudioRecorder collects input signals through ALAudioDevice as described here ALAudioDevice.

Performances and Limitations

The recording capabilities are for now limited to the following formats:

  • four channels 48000Hz in OGG.
  • four channels 48000Hz in WAV.
  • one channels (front, rear, left or right), 16000Hz, in OGG.
  • one channels (front, rear, left or right), 16000Hz, in WAV.

Getting started

The most straightforward way to start using ALAudioRecorder is to use the Record Sound box in Choregraphe (Multimedia > Sound category).