SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

NAOqi Motion


Use ... To ...
ALAnimationPlayer Start and stop animations
ALRobotPosture Make the robot go to a predefined posture.

Moving around

Use ... To ...
ALNavigation Make the robot move safely, stopping if any obstacle is detected.
ALRecharge Make the robot move to its charging station.
ALTracker Track different targets using different means (head, whole body, move).

Customizing motion

ALMotion is the main tool allowing the robot to move. Advanced developers and animators may take advantage of its numerous methods in order to develop their own motion code.

For a best understanding, its documentation has been split in several relevant topics:

Control Stiffness, Joint, Locomotion, Cartesian, Whole body.
Reflexes Self-collision avoidance, External-collision avoidance, Fall manager, Smart Stiffness, Diagnosis effect, Push Recovery.
Idle Idle.
Tools General tools, Motion task.

Deprecated modules

Deprecated modules
ALMotionRecorder Use the Animation Mode instead.