SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Setting NAO‘s preferred language

What is the language of my robot

By default, two languages are installed on NAO:

  • English and
  • your local language (or the second language you have asked for) among available languages.

For further details, see: Getting the list of installed languages.

He can easily switch from a language to another. For further details, see: Temporarily switching to another language.

Fallback language

English is his default or “native” language.

It means that if for any technical reason he is not able to find a word or a sentence in the current language, NAO will automatically switch to English.

Preferred Language

You can define a language as his preferred or configured language.

For further details, see: Modifying the preferred language.

Modifying the preferred language

To modify the configured language:

Step Action
On a computer, launch Robot settings.
Display the Settings.
Choose a language in the Robot language list.

Temporarily switching to another language

NAO may temporarily switch to another language:

  • if an application requests it, or
  • on your request. For further details, see: Modify settings.

In both cases this switch is not permanent:

NAO will switch back to the language defined in his settings as soon as the application ends or you stop chatting with NAO.

Getting the list of installed languages

To get the list of installed language, you may:

  • Ask NAO.

    For further details, see: Ask for information.

  • Check the list available in his advanced settings.

    For further details, see: Settings.

Ordering additional Languages

It is possible to order two additional languages, among the Supported languages.

To do so:

Contact your local Sales Representative or the Customer support.
For further details, see: Contacting customer support for NAO.