SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Basic Channel - What can I say to NAO

If you do not know what you could say to NAO, try one of the following sentences.


These sentences are the canonical forms. A canonical form is the standard. Some of variants can also work. For example, you can also try “How can I call you?” for “what’s your name?”

Prerequisite: Autonomous Life: ON - Basic Channel: ON

Meet NAO

French - Japanese - Chinese - German - Spanish - Italian


English French
Hello Bonjour
Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening Bonsoir
Nice to meet you Enchanté de faire ta connaissance

Small talk

English French
How are you? Comment ça va?
Nao! Nao!
Thank you Merci

End of interaction

English French
Goodbye Au revoir
Goodnight Bonne nuit
See you later À tout à l’heure
Have a good day Bonne journée
Take care Fais attention à toi
I’m going to sleep Je vais me coucher
I have to go Je dois y aller
I’ll come back soon Je reviens bientôt
Have a nice weekend Bon week-end
See you tonight À ce soir
See you tomorrow À demain
See you Monday [1] À lundi
See you next week À la semaine prochaine

[1] Try also with other weekdays.

Ask for information

French - Japanese - Chinese - German - Spanish - Italian


English French
What did I say? Qu’est-ce que je viens de dire?
Can you repeat? Peux-tu répéter?


English French
What are your applications? C’est quoi tes applications?
How can I start an application? Comment on fait pour lancer une application?

Date & time

English French
What time is it? Quelle heure est-il?
What day is it? Quel jour sommes-nous?
Tell me the current year En quelle année sommes-nous?


English French
What languages do you speak? Quelles langues sais-tu parler?


English French
Tell me your current volume Quel est ton volume actuel?
How can I change your volume? Comment faire pour changer le volume?
What is your minimum volume? Quel est ton volume minimum?
What is your maximum volume? Quel est ton volume maximum?

Battery level

English French
How long does it take you to charge? Combien de temps tu mets à te charger?
How much autonomy do you have? Combien as-tu d’autonomie?
What is your battery level? Il te reste combien de batterie?
Do you need charging? As-tu besoin de te recharger?
Are you hungry? As-tu faim?
What is your exact battery level? Quel est ton niveau exact de batterie?
Are you plugged in? Es-tu branché?
Are you charging? Es-tu en train de te recharger?
Do you want me to plug you in? Tu veux que je te branche?

Internet connection

English French
What is your IP address? Quelle est ton adresse IP?
Give me your wifi IP address Donne-moi ton adresse IP wifi
Give me your ethernet IP address Donne-moi ton adresse IP ethernet
Give me your bluetooth IP address Donne-moi ton adresse IP bluetooth
What is your webpage? Donne-moi ta page web
I want to configure the Internet Je veux me connecter au wifi
Are you connected to the wifi? Es-tu connecté au wifi?
Are you connected to the internet? Es-tu connecté à internet?

Modify settings

French - Japanese - Chinese - German - Spanish - Italian


English French
Speak English Parle anglais

Try also with the other supported languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish and Italian (the corresponding language packages must be installed on your robot beforehand).

Note: when NAO is asked to speak another language, the language is changed and remains changed, i.e. asking NAO to speak a language has the same effect as modifying his settings.


English French
Speak softer Parle moins fort
Speak louder Parle plus fort
Set the volume to the minimum Mets le volume au minimum
Set the volume to the maximum Mets le volume au maximum
I want to set the volume at 35 [2] Mets le volume à 35.
I want to change the volume Change le volume

[2] Try also with other values between 20 and 100.

Silent mode

In silent mode, NAO will still listen but will make specific gestures instead of answering.

English French
Stop talking Tais-toi
You can speak again Tu peux reparler

Shutdown, restart & sleep mode

English French
Can you shutdown? Éteins-toi
Can you restart? Tu peux redémarrer?
Go to sleep Va dormir

Make NAO move

French - Japanese - Chinese - German - Spanish - Italian


English French
Turn your engines on Allume tes moteurs
Turn your engines off Éteins tes moteurs
Can you stand up? Lève-toi
Can you sit down? Assieds-toi
Can you lie down? [3] Allonge-toi
Can you crouch? Accroupis-toi

[3] Try also: Can you lie on your belly / on your back?


English French
Can you raise your arm? [5] Peux-tu lever ton bras?
Can you raise your arms? Lève tes bras
Can you stretch your arm? [5] Peux-tu tendre le bras?
Can you stretch your arms? Tend tes bras

[5] Try also with left / right arm.


English French
Let’s shake hands! On peut se serrer la main?
Can you open your hand? [6] Peux-tu ouvrir la main?
Can you open your hands? Peux-tu ouvrir les mains?
Can you close your hand? [6] Peux-tu fermer la main?
Can you close your hands? Peux-tu fermer les mains?
Can you move your hand? [6] Peux-tu bouger la main?
Can you move your hands? Peux-tu bouger les mains?
Hands up! Haut les mains
Can you put your hands behind? Mets tes mains en arrière
Can you wave bye bye? Peux-tu me faire coucou?
Hide yourself Cache-toi les yeux

[6] Try also with left / right hand.

Impossible moves

English French
Can you touch me? Peux-tu me toucher?
Can you point at me? Montre-moi du doigt?
Can you cross your arms? Peux-tu croiser les bras?
Can you dab? Peux-tu faire un dab?
Can you turn your head 180 degrees? Peux-tu tourner la tête de 180 degrés?
Can you walk? Tu peux marcher?
Can you roll? Tu peux rouler?
Go backwards Peux-tu reculer?
Can you run? Peux-tu courir?
Can you jump? Peux-tu sauter?
Can you spin? Fais un tour sur toi-même
Can you do a backflip? Peux-tu faire un saut périlleux?
Can you do push ups? Peux-tu faire des pompes?
Can you stand on one foot? Peux-tu te mettre sur un pied?
Can you fly? Peux-tu voler?

Make NAO do something

French - Japanese - Chinese - German - Spanish - Italian


English French
Can you sing? Tu sais chanter?
Sing Ring around the Rosie Chante à la ronde jolie ronde
Sing Mary had a little lamb Chante Marie avait un petit agneau
Sing Row row row your boat Chante Rame rame rame le bâteau
Sing Do Re Mi Chante Do Re Mi
Sing Hello Robots Chante Salut les robots
Sing the ABC song Chante ABC


English French
What can you do? Que sais-tu faire?
What cannot you do? Qu’est-ce que tu ne sais pas faire?
What can we talk about? De quoi peut-on parler?


English French
Launch <application name> Lance <>
<trigger sentence of the application> <>
Launch an application randomly Lance une application au hasard

Learn more about NAO

French - Japanese - Chinese - German - Spanish - Italian

Personal information

English French
Can you introduce yourself? Présente-toi
What’s your name? Comment tu t’appelles?
What’s your nickname? As-tu un surnom?
Can I change your name? J’aimerais changer ton nom
How old are you? Quel âge as-tu?
How old is Pepper? Quel âge a Pepper?
How old is Romeo? Quel âge a Romeo?
When is your birthday? C’est quand ton anniversaire?
What is your job? Qu’est-ce que tu fais dans la vie ?
Are you a boy or a girl? Es-tu un garçon ou une fille?


English French
How tall are you? Quelle est ta taille?
How much do you weight? Combien pèses-tu?
What are you made of? Tu es fait en quelle matière?
What color are you? De quelle couleur es-tu?
How many fingers do you have? Tu as combien de doigts ?
What is the meaning of your fingerprints? Que signifient tes empreintes digitales ?
What is your tablet for? À quoi sert ta tablette?
Do you have microphones? As-tu des micros?
Where are your microphones? Où sont tes micros?
Do you have speakers? As-tu des haut-parleurs?
Where are your speakers? Où sont tes haut-parleurs?
How many wheels do you have? Tu as combien de roues?
Do you have cameras? As-tu des caméras?
Where are your cameras? Où sont tes caméras?
Do you have sensors? Tu as des capteurs tactiles?
Where are your sensors? Où sont tes capteurs tactiles?
How many articulations do you have? Tu as combien de degrés de liberté?


English French
How fast can you go? À quelle vitesse tu peux aller?
Do you understand my emotions? Est-ce que tu comprends mes émotions ?
How you detect emotions? Comment tu détectes les émotions?
Can you remember me? Tu saurais me reconnaître?
Can you keep a secret? Tu peux garder un secret?
Can you see me? Tu peux me voir?
How do you recognize me? Comment tu fais pour me reconnaître?
How do you track me with your eyes? Comment tu fais pour me suivre du regard ?
Can you hear me? Peux-tu m’entendre?
Can you understand me? Peux-tu me comprendre?
How many words do you know? Combien de mots tu connais?
How do you understand what I say? Comment tu fais pour comprendre tout ce que je dis?
How do you speak? Comment tu fais pour parler ?
How do you move forward? Comment tu fais pour avancer/reculer?
How do you move? Comment tu fais pour bouger ?


English French
Where do you come from? D’où viens-tu?
Why are you called Nao? Pourquoi tu t’appelles Nao?
What does Nao mean? Que veut dire Nao?
Who called you Nao? Qui t’a appelé Nao?
Tell me more about Softbank Robotics Parle-moi de Softbank Robotics


English French
Are you kind? Es-tu gentil?
Are you cool? Es-tu cool?
Are you smart? Es-tu intelligent?
Can I trust you? Puis-je te faire confiance?
What do you think about humans? Que penses-tu des humains?
Do you like humans? Aimes-tu les humains?

Humanoid robot

English French
Are you human? Es-tu humain?
Are you alive? Es-tu vivant?
Are you conscious? Es-tu conscient?
Do you eat? Est-ce que tu manges?
Do you drink? Est-ce que tu bois?
Do you know the laws of robotics? Est-ce que tu connais les lois de la robotique?
Who is Asimov? Qui est Asimov?
Are you a robot? Es-tu un robot?
What is a humanoid robot? C’est quoi un robot humanoïde?
What is a robot? C’est quoi un robot?
Will robots replace humans? Est-ce que tu vas remplacer les humains?
Are robots dangerous? C’est dangereux les robots?

Other robots

English French
Who is Pepper? Qui est Pepper?
Talk about Pepper Parle-moi de Pepper
I know Pepper Je connais Pepper
Who is Romeo? Qui est Romeo?
Talk about Romeo Parle-moi de Romeo
I know Romeo Je connais Romeo
When will Romeo be available? Quand est-ce que Roméo sortira?


English French
Do you have siblings? Tu as des frères et soeurs?
Do you have parents? Tu as des parents?
Do you have a child? Tu as un enfant?
Who is your father? Qui es ton père?
Do you have friends? Tu as des amis?
What’s your friend’s name? Comment s’appelle ton ami?
Do you want to be my friend? Tu veux être mon ami?