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NAOqi Interaction engines - Overview | API

What it does

ALAutonomousBlinking enables the robot to make its eye LEDs blink when it sees someone and when it is interacting.

How it works

ALAutonomousBlinking is an autonomous ability which is enabled by default when ALAutonomousLife is in interactive state. For further details, see: Autonomous Abilities.

Basically, the robot:

  • starts blinking regularly when it is interacting, i.e. when ALAutonomousLife state equals to “interactive”.
  • starts blinking regularly starting with pink eye shadows when it sees someone, i.e. when the focused user’s ID given by ALUserSession is different from -1.
  • stops blinking when it is not interacting, i.e. when ALAutonomousLife state is different from “interactive”.

Two blinks are separated by a random duration between 1 and 7 seconds.

If the robot makes some other animation on its eye LEDs, i.e. there is a call to a method of ALLeds, the blink is paused until the animation is done.