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What it does

The ALUserInfo service allows you to manage (edit, read, check existence, remove) persistent data about users.

How it works

Users and focused user

The module allows you to edit and read data of all the users created by ALUserSession. You cannot edit data of a user which does not exist. To make sure a user exists, use ALUserSessionProxy::getUserList. Whe a user is deleted by ALUserSession, ALUserInfo is notified by the signal ALUserSessionProxy::onDeletedUsers and deletes all the informations for the deleted users in all the domains. For convenience, methods for editing, checking and reading data of the focused have been implemented. The focused user is the one which is tracked by the robot so probably the one which is interacting and speaking with it. For your behaviors and your dialogs you will most of the time want to edit the informations about the focused user.


When you want to edit or read a data you need to precise a domain name as first argument. This allows you to set a data with differents values in each domain (you can have a specific domain for each of your applications). The only restriction is the user-info domain: com.aldebaran.userinfo which usage is restricted. Moreover you can read the data of this domain. Here is the list of user information you can get in this domain:

Basic info Type Complementary description
name string How the user wants to be call (can be a nickname)
age integer  
gender “m” or “f” “m” for male, “f” for female
fullname string Full written name (for display) a possibly longer form (e.g. “Robert Smith”)
birthyear integer  
birthmonth integer (1-12)  
birthday integer (1-31)  

Getting started

You can find a python example here Tutorial.