SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Choregraphe layout

Displaying / hiding panels

From the View menu, click the panel to display or hide.


Each panel that is already displayed is marked.

Moving panels

To move a panel, drag it by its title bar.

Tip: to prevent a panel to dock automatically, press Control before dragging it.

According to the place you dragged it, the panel can:

  • Take another corner of the Choregraphe window.

  • Overlap another panel. Tabs appear in order to let you switch between the 2 panels.


Click the resize button to obtain a floating window.


Saving and loading Layouts

To save the current position of all panels:

  • Choose View > Save Layout...

To display the panels as you previously saved them:

  • Choose View > Load Layout...

To come back to the default Layout:

  • Choose View > Reset Views.