Aldebaran documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.4.3?


What is Monitor

Monitor is dedicated to give you an elementary feedback from your robot and a simple access to its camera settings.

Its modular architecture allows you to load plugins in different mobile widgets, each of them being connected to the robot of your choice. That is to say you can connect several robots at a time.

5 plugins are available:

How to install Monitor

Monitor is installed along with Choregraphe. For further details, see Installing Choregraphe suite.

How to launch a Monitor plugin

To launch one of the Monitor plugins:

Step Action

Run monitor executable file, located in your Choregraphe installation folder.

The following window is displayed.


Choose a plugin in the Load Plugin menu.

The Connect to panel is displayed.

Select the robot to monitor.

Click the Connect to button.

A new widget is added to the main window.


Opening twice the same plugin widget connected to the same robot is possible, but not supported.


Why some controls are disabled

  • If some controls of Monitor are disabled, it might mean that something is going wrong with your connection, but usually it just means the corresponding parameter is disabled.