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ALSoundDetection API

NAOqi Audio - Overview | API

Namespace : AL

#include <alproxies/alsounddetectionproxy.h>

Method list

As any module, this module inherits methods from ALModule API. It also has the following specific methods:

class ALSoundDetectionProxy

Event list


void ALSoundDetection::setParameter(const std::string& parameter, const float& value)

Use it to set the sensitivity of the detection.

  • parameter – Name of the parameter
  • value – Value of the parameter

Available parameters:

  • “Sensibility”: DEPRECATED, use “Sensitivity” instead.
  • “Sensitivity” between 0 and 1 to adjust the detection threshold. At 0, the robot does not detect any sound. At 1, it reacts to the slightest sound.

So the sensitivity of the detection can be set by calling this function as follows:

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- encoding: UTF-8 -*-

"""Example: Use setParameter Method"""

import qi
import argparse
import sys

def main(session):
    This example uses the setParameter method.
    # Get the service ALSoundDetection.

    sound_detect_service = session.service("ALSoundDetection")

    # Sets the sensitivity of the detection to 0.3 (less sensitive than default).
    # The default value is 0.9.
    sound_detect_service.setParameter("Sensitivity", 0.3)
    print "Sensitivity set to 0.3"

if __name__ == "__main__":
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
    parser.add_argument("--ip", type=str, default="",
                        help="Robot IP address. On robot or Local Naoqi: use ''.")
    parser.add_argument("--port", type=int, default=9559,
                        help="Naoqi port number")

    args = parser.parse_args()
    session = qi.Session()
        session.connect("tcp://" + args.ip + ":" + str(args.port))
    except RuntimeError:
        print ("Can't connect to Naoqi at ip \"" + args.ip + "\" on port " + str(args.port) +".\n"
               "Please check your script arguments. Run with -h option for help.")
void ALSoundDetection::subscribe(const std::string& name)

Subscribes to ALSoundDetection. This causes the module to start writing information to ALMemory in “SoundDetected”. This can be accessed in ALMemory using ALMemoryProxy::getData.

  • name – Name to identify the subscriber
void ALSoundDetection::unsubscribe(const std::string& name)

Unsubscribes to ALSoundDetection. This causes the module to stop writing information to ALMemory in “SoundDetected”.



Event: "SoundDetected"
callback(std::string eventName, AL::ALValue value, std::string subscriberIdentifier)

Raised when a significant sound has been detected.

  • eventName (std::string) – “SoundDetected”
  • value – Detected sound informations. Please refer to ALSoundDetection for details.
  • subscriberIdentifier (std::string) –