ALVisualSpaceHistory API

NAOqi Vision - Overview | API

Namespace : AL

#include <alproxies/alvisualspacehistoryproxy.h>

Method list

class ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy


float ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy::getGridPrecision()

Returns the current visual grid resolution.


Fills the visual grid with the current timestamp. This may be useful if the robot moves its torso since it makes the grid data irrelevant.

void ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy::setGridPrecision(const float& resolution)
  • resolution – New grid precision chosen between 1.0 and 10.0. Default value is 2.0.


When the grid precision is changed the method ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy::resetGrid() is automatically called to reset the grid data.

ALMemory Keys

AL::ALValue VisualSpaceHistory/VisualGrid/Data

This memory key contains all the visual grid data formated as follows:

data = [zone_t1, zone_t2, ... ]

where zone_t1 = [[headYawAngle, headPitchAngle], timestamp] is the data corresponding to the zone_t1.

All zones are sorted by increasing timestamp, so t1 < t2 < ... . As a result, the first zone is the most outdated one and the last zone is the most recently updated one.