SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?


The main changes are described in the Release Note, here are only listed the main known issues solved by this release.



  • Fix #45249 Watch connection state event before calling Regulation Manager
  • Fix #45083 add sleep to prevent bip to be heard in microphones and stop audioin during bip


  • Fix #35788 The status of a service launched or stopped from Choregraphe is not updated in Choregraphe
  • Fix #43560 Clicking the green arrow doesn’t start the right service
  • Fix #44922 almath is not available on virtual robot
  • Fix #44133 Say boxes don’t work the first time after changing the text
  • Fix #44204 NAOqi stop when asking for connection makes Choregraphe crash
  • Fix #44218 In some boxes, sliders don’t save

Choregraphe Installer

  • Fix #41522 Warning about desktop alias during Choregraphe installation


  • Fix #45014 Monitor - Windows - The button “switch camera” does not work


  • Fix #46336 NAO V6 jump backward due to an activation of the control motor in rest mode


  • Fix #43541 Parameter “Localized String” inside Timeline boxes does not work
  • Fix #46113 Cancelation of qi.async in boxes is broken
  • Fix #43299 Fail to load translation appears as an error instead of a warning
  • Fix #43623 does not provide package uuid of services

Robot Settings

  • Fix #44265 NaoV6 Timezone not persistent / Timezone change not taken into account
  • Fix #42533 Robot Settings for NAO display Pepper image during Factory reset / Robot Settings “Plug your robot” picture is a Pepper picture even if connected to NAO
  • Fix #41658 Tablet click is mentioned in a specific Robot Settings page
  • Fix #41954 Add a Check Updates button in Robot Settings Application Page
  • Fix #43415 Robot Settings don’t offer all timezones
  • Fix #43572 Slovak language appears blank in RobotSettings language selection
  • Fix #43831 robots_settings’s EnableDeactivationOfSafetyReflexes implementation needs to be updated


  • Fix #43993 NAO gets stuck when connected to a WiFi with no Internet connection.
  • Fix #44409 “Bouloup” sound still happening randomly.
  • Fix #43451 NAO active listening is not stable.
  • Fix #41218 Animated Speech makes NAO fall.
  • Fix #43128 Animated Speech disabled when NAO is sitting.
  • Fix #43093 Choregraphe - Drag and drop very slow from box library to workspace.
  • Fix #43284 Choregraphe - Error when Running application on Virtual Robot on windows 10. All boxes are failing.
  • Fix #43411 Bug “face learn” box in Choregraphe.
  • Fix #43412 Choregraphe - Sonar Box doesn’t work.
  • Fix #43459 Choregraphe - when clicking a limb on the robot view, all joints are added automatically to the timeline.
  • Fix #44722 Choregraphe - Delete is in collision box because ALMotion.isCollision API has been removed
  • Fix #45006 Choregraphe - Battery box should be deprecated or reworked
  • Fix #41002 Mac installers have an incorrect signature.


  • Fix #41485 NAO v6 - Add a Check Updates button in Robot Settings Application Page.
  • Fix #42168 NAO v6 - Robot does not recover after a fall - Basic Channel to Update.
  • Fix #41001 NAO stuck in rest position after boot.
  • Fix #42441 Tai Chi Chuan Box from Choregraphe 2.8 is not adapted to NAO V6.
  • Fix #42705 NAO v6 - end_reco.wav sound is played after a tts.say when life is disabled.
  • Fix #42585 Bouloup - When half bouloup is played when the robot goes from “NotListenning” to “Listening”.
  • Fix #43137 Choregraphe - Ubuntu 16.04 - Can’t change language in preferences in Choregraphe.
  • Fix #41502 NAO v6 The robot is not well displayed in the robot view.
  • Fix #43141 Choregraphe - Windows 10 - Choregraphe crashes after an external modification of the manifest.xml.
  • Fix #43139 Choregraphe - Installer - Windows 10 - Error when installing visual c++ runtime.
  • Fix #42883 NAO v6 - when NAO is turned on in an unsafe posture, and later put in a correct posture, notification 600 is not removed.
  • Fix #40784 Copyright is not up to date.
  • Fix #43004 Choregraphe 2.8 - boxes make NAO V6 fall or crash.
  • Fix #43226 Cannot run Say from Choregraphe box.
  • Fix #43285 Update copyright versions when needed.


  • Fix #42176 Unexpected false positive on hands leads to NAO’s tracking going from one side to another repeatedly.
  • Fix #42554 When NAO looks at the user for the first time and enter the dialog, it makes many “bouloup” sounds.
  • Fix #42442 Robot listens and answers to the user whereas it seems to not listen him.
  • Fix #42582 end_reco.wav (bouloup) played when the robot has a notification pending.
  • Fix #42219 Many unwanted Bouloup Bouloup.
  • Fix #42340 End_reco sound is played when generating speech.
  • Fix #42529 Unwanted bouloup when switch life mode and switch focus.
  • Fix #42531 Slovak Language is not present in the semantic engine’s list.
  • Fix #42608 A Bouloup sounds is played when a speech is detected by the ASR.
  • Fix #40974 Robot Settings installation error on Windows 8.
  • Fix #41417 Temperature of knees rises in temperature very quickly during walk.
  • Fix #41691 At boot, the chest button LED blinks in white after the rasta animation.
  • Fix #41906 Corrupted image on Top Camera with TakePicture action.
  • Fix #41869 Eyes LEDs should stay on during all the boot process.
  • Fix #41170 Robot Settings Installation error while installing with the installer executable on a folder with special characters.


  • Fix #41776 NAO doesn’t answer questions without internet access and with Basic Channel installed.
  • Fix #41647 latency when serializing data across services.


  • Fix #39697 Most languages are saturated on NAO V6 when volume is at maximum.
  • Fix #31227 NAO pronounces a dot at the end of IP address notification.
  • Fix #40723 Animated Speech adds pauses around markers.
  • Fix #30615 Animations of Animation Library are not optimized for NAO V6.
  • Fix #40848 BatteryChargeChanged event in ALMemory wrong value on NAO V6.
  • Fix #39923 Choregraphe - Project properties - Delete Robot requirement provokes a crash.


  • Fix #39780 AEC is not preserve when the camera is restart while streaming in 4VGA.
  • Fix #40287 Boot-config seems to be blocked on a call to session.service.
  • Fix #39974 Memory backup - Custom volume and Timezone are not restored on robot.
  • Fix #39442 Knowledge - Incorrect error message when adding an incomplete Triple.
  • Fix #39526 Dialog - Calling user defined functor with less parameters than expected crashes the dialog.
  • Fix #39554 Choregraphe - SpeechReco Box “Visual Expression” check box no longer works.
  • Fix #37628 Choregraphe - Error message not clear when NAOqi’s memory is full.
  • Fix #35313 Navigation bar displayed in the bottom after used soft keyboard.



  • Fix #39494 Bubbles are shown instead of previous screen after calling hide method.



  • Fix #32793 Choregraphe - Timeline box - Red bar not displayed when clicking on green Play button.
  • Fix #35289 Choregraphe - Timeline curves are messed up after a zoom in/zoom out.
  • Fix #35731 Monitor - Crashes if user enter a wrong IP address.
  • Fix #35919 Choregraphe - Robot view freezes when selecting animation box in box library and animation previous isn’t visible.
  • Fix #34338 Choregraphe - Project properties: No speaker icons.
  • Fix #35668 Choregraphe - Mac only - Doesn’t display an error message when there is errors in Python files.


  • Fix #39088 Active Diagnosis - Increase of LHand SensorCommandError.
  • Fix #39403 LShoulderPitch is not stiffen but the robot is expected to be waken up.


  • Fix #37262, #38054 ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis/EmotionRecognized is always [[0,0],[0,0,0,0,0],0].
  • Fix #38784 On reboot of the robot, the output volume is sometimes rounded down.


  • Fix #38467 Dialog - $Dialog/MatchedInput cannot be instanciate for voice input.
  • Fix #38525 Dialog - Fix date output bad order in sentence.
  • Fix #38626 Dialog - ^call doesn’t work after in:onRelease was matched.
  • Fix #38636 Dialog - getConcept may not return dyamic concept if called at runtime.
  • Fix #38637 Dialog - serialization doens’t work when ^frequency is used.
  • Fix #38757 Dialog - Fix crash when compare date.
  • Fix #38909 Dialog - Fix crash when setConcept called at startup.
  • Fix #39273 Dialog - Fix deadlock in method getStoppable.
  • Fix #38293 Dialog - Fix Dialog/MainDialogStarted is raised twice when call ALDialog::runDialog.
  • Fix #37472 Dialog - Fix if a concept is defined two times, dialog engine uses one definition and speechrecognition the other definition.
  • Fix #35478 Dialog - Fix Samerule event not cleared contains old sentences.
  • Fix #39036 Dialog - Fix crash when re-load a topic with syntax error.
  • Fix #37472 Dialog - Fix mismatch between Asr and dialog when a concept is defined twice.
  • Fix #39288 Dialog - Optimize setDelay()
  • Fix #39434 Dialog - Fix crash at startup if method called during initialization.
  • Fix #39426 Dialog - Fix sentence word bad order with date.
  • Fix #39027 Dialog - Abort infinite loops of chained ^gotoX functions.
  • Fix #39336 Dialog - Align Dialog/Status with signs&feedback.


  • Fix #38440 naoqi-service - Shutdown calls blocking the robot - fixed starting number of threads (150).


  • Fix #34120 ALMood - Valence unreliable when speaking to the robot.
  • Fix #35838 ALMood - Ambiance affected by robot’s own speech.


  • Fix #36468 When you quit a NAOqi application, a black screen is displayed.
  • Fix #32234 GDB can’t debug multi-threaded programs on robot.
  • Fix #37811 ALTabletService crashes because of an exception from chromium.
  • Fix #37759 resetTablet method doesn’t work.
  • Fix #37766 Correct Image Exposure for first frame.
  • Fix #38312 Fix Flip on Top Camera.
  • Fix #35563 Wrong Exposure default value.
  • Fix #38884 python urrlib2 fail to open https URL.
  • Fix #38887 Add back pycrypto.
  • Fix #38083 VIDEODEVICE - deadlock after multiple open/close.
  • Fix #37996 Kernel crash: BUG: scheduling while atomic: eventloop/4906/0x00000002.



  • Fix #37477 Installer - Cannot Launch Choregraphe whereas the option is checked at the end of the installation.
  • Fix #36453 Planar move modifications can not be canceled.
  • Fix #36074 Planar Move Editor - Some “End Point Relative orientation” are saved with a wrong degree
  • Fix #37829, #37381 A test window is opened when Choregraphe is launched on Mac OS X El Capitan.
  • Fix #37825, #37507 Warning message from Robot System Update show the robot will be downgraded when it will not.
  • Fix #37826, #37272 Project option “Save As” deletes original pml file.


  • Fix #34885 ALSystem - reboot() doesn’t work when working with Session.

2.5.10 - For EMEA only

  • Fix #41764 Sometimes the update of the application is repeatedly check.
  • Fix #41727 “unable to contact server” is displayed during the GSW.
  • Fix #41726 In boot-config, whenever a download of application start, the “update loop” restart.
  • Fix #41695 Applications with non-ASCII characters in their names are not downloaded correctly.
  • Fix #41693 Runtime error occurs when ALPreferenceManager.update is executed.
  • Fix #40866 We can’t factory reset the robot from the robot page or boot-config.

2.5.9 - For EMEA only


  • Fix #35313 Navigation bar displayed in the bottom after used soft keyboard.
  • Fix #38420 ALTabletService Androidâ„¢ system UI black bar is displayed randomly by Tablet Service through tablet browser (reproduced here when a javascript alert pop-up).

Getting Started Wizard / Settings menu

  • Fix #40594 Boot-config was Launched after restart NAOqi while the life state is disabled.
  • Fix #40652 Robot Web Page Wizard Stuck at stage: “Synchronizing... This can take a few minutes...”.
  • Fix #40647 All applications are deleted when trying to associate the same account to the robot.
  • Fix #40649 Ethernet and WiFi MAC addresses switched on advanced page.
  • Fix #40332 Preference database is erased after Pepper is disconnected from the Internet while boot-config is exiting.
  • Fix #34580 Boot-config is stuck on the “Update your applications” page during Getting Started Wizard.
  • Fix #40646 “Documentation” link on Robot Web page does not work: ‘Page not found’.



  • Fix #37381 A test window is opened when Choregraphe is launched on Mac OS X El Capitan.
  • Fix #37290 Robot viewer - When real robot is in disable state at robot’s connection, it’s position in robot view is wrong.
  • Fix #36578 Animated Say box should not have an “animation” parameter.
  • Fix #37239 Saying “no” to file deletion deletes files.
  • Fix #37272 Project option “Save As” deletes original pml file.
  • Fix #36229, #36179, #36180, #36213, #36168, #36215, #36216, #36217, #36223, #36226, #36228, #36167, #36235, #36236, #36237, #36239 Chinese traduction improved.

Getting Started Wizard / Settings menu

  • Fix #39265 System Image Upgrade - Boot-config tries to flash the robot with an opn even if checksum is wrong.
  • Fix #39303 System Image Upgrade - Retry button is enabled while being hidden.
  • Fix #39242 System Image Update - Cancel button is enabled while being hidden.
  • Fix #39285 Factory Reset - Mute button on NAOqi update page not displayed but clickable.
  • Fix #37507 Upgrade - Warning message from Robot System Update show the robot will be downgraded when it wil not.
  • Fix #37021 Tablet screen remains white for a few seconds after a system update from to, and head movements are glitchy.
  • Fix #37453 After a factory reset, Pepper doesn’t go in a normal solitary state Life.
  • Fix #37455 After a factory reset, Pepper doesn’t launch the Getting Started Wizard.
  • Fix #38008 Boot-config can’t connect to hidden wifi using QR code.
  • Fix #38042 Several hidden wireless networks with different security types may prevent Boot-config to connect the robot to the expected network.
  • Fix #37391 After an upgrade from to, Pepper stays in rest position.
  • Fix #37950 Boot-config crash when try to connect to wifi by using a wrong QR Code.
  • Fix #37610 Robot neck should not overheat during Getting Started Wizard.


  • Fix #39287 Tablet show error message “A problem occurred. custom browser does not respond”.
  • Fix #39937 Patch wifi krack security issues
  • Fix #34117 [LEDS] After a notification, the shoulder leds stay at the color of the notification
  • Fix #38489 Deadlock in the ActivityFocusManager after specific JP B2B applications are updated.
  • Fix #37758, #3970 Missing - PIL ImageFont.truetype throw an ImportError exception.


  • Fix #38152 Speaker volume seems too big in 2.5 instead of 2.4
  • Fix #37262, #38054 ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis/EmotionRecognized is always [[0,0],[0,0,0,0,0],0].

2.5.7 - For U.S. only


  • Fix #36445 ALTabletService crashes because of an exception from chromium.



  • Fix #37045-3534 Cannot connect to virtual robot with Non-ASCII character Windows login user name.
  • Fix #37046-3535 Cannot execute a project(app) from Choregraphe to Pepper(real robot) with Non-ASCII character Windows login user name.
  • Fix #36446 Choregraphe crash: when redoing a create/move timeline keyframe sequence.

Getting Started Wizard / Settings menu

  • Fix #37136-3635 iWnn IME (Japanese Keyboard) and Settings apps are not updated when Robot boots up.
  • Fix #37009 Tablet screen remains white after a system update from to


  • Fix #34986 ALTabletService takes too long time to launch after reboot.

Interaction engines - Life

  • Fix #35753 Life never leaves the main interactive / dialog when you leave.


  • Fix #37069-3580 After launching application, [500: Internal Server Error] occurs.


Getting Started Wizard / Settings menu

  • Fix #36739 ‘Turn off’ & ‘Reboot’ (optional) buttons do not work.


  • Fix #36459, #36761 No sound when playing a video.
  • Fix #35902 The performance of changing language setting is lower remarkably.
  • Fix #36840 Dialog collaborative does not start when no Internet at boot.


  • Fix #36406 Japanese EULA to be updated.
  • Fix #36442 Choregraphe Re-branding / pictures update.


Getting Started Wizard / Settings menu

  • Fix #32517 Aldebaran Store Application does not run from tablet.
  • Fix #33985 On robot reboot the app launcher is flooding the tablet with connection attempt.
  • Fix #29562 Robot cannot connect to WiFi at start-up.
  • Fix #32371 Don’t show the check mark when loaded the QR code in the function of the network settings.
  • Fix #33092 The status icon of “UPDATE YOUR APPLICATIONS” in boot-config is green when pepper disconnects the network during getting the application list.
  • Fix #32906 ALBootConfig is launched at naoqi startup whereas AutostartInteractiveConfig is set to zero.


  • Fix #33798 Tablet is unable to connect to WiFi protected by WPA-PSK and WEP security protocol using ALTabletService.
  • Fix #33130 pip crashed on the robot.
  • Fix #30790 MemoryWatcher assumes the DCM period is 10ms. It should be 12ms.


  • Fix #34521 ALMotion - High HipPitch angle may fall Pepper when going to rest.
  • Fix #33965 ALMotion - ActiveDiagnosis - When a wheel is blocked, a weird behavior occurs sometimes.
  • Fix #32916 ALMotion should be safe when ALNavigation is blocked and ExternalCollisionProtection is set to true.


  • Fix #25393 At start-up, the robot volume drops to 12 randomly.
  • Fix #33243 Dialog - The first user input in first proposal never gets Remote result.
  • Fix #35233 Robot is blocked in dialog because of the use of QiChat ^getUserInfo function.
  • Fix #34905 Compilation error when running a behavior containing a topic that includes lexicon and a single user rule with an event as input.
  • Fix #30956 ALDialog - ^stayInScope is not working when used with a ^call with a function returning a value.
  • Fix #34647, #35445 Dialog - Crash when using goToReactivate.
  • Fix #35439 NAOqi segfault when using “%” character in ^gotoReactivate.
  • Fix #31893 ALDialog - 2 variable affectations in qichat make the resulting words attached in Dialog/Answered.
  • Fix #31970 Numerous dialog error logs, whereas no actual error.
  • Fix #34509 ASR - Additional “bips” (= ASR start/stop/start) in Dialog in some cases.
  • Fix #34298 Additional bip coming from additional endOfUtterance call.
  • Fix #34373 Sound tracker and sound peak sometimes do not work (1/10 approximately) and when the robot is restarted works well.
  • Fix #34307 Japanese top files are not loaded at the first boot after a factory reset
  • Fix #33261 #34427 Eye LEDs rotating blue at the beginning of each 1st sentence in Dialog.
  • Fix #33524 Audio - Volume is reset at 50% after a robot flash.
  • Fix #34123 Japanese voice is very quick.
  • Fix #23850 ALTextToSpeech - wrong xml file location indicated for the tts.loadVoicePreference method
  • Fix #33503 ALDialog.gotoTag lag.
  • Fix #32471 a “PAU” before a “^wait” in a sentence makes the speech end abruptly (glitch).
  • Fix #32999 ALTextToSpeech/TextStarted is raised during sleep mode.
  • Fix #31628 Dialog - Error when loading 2 topics.
  • Fix #32161 Collaborative Dialogs are not flushed after application is uninstalled on the fly.
  • Fix #33914 Single quote in dialog make ^sCall, ^pCall bug.
  • Fix #29446 Conversation not sent to cloud when user check “Usage Feedback”.
  • Fix #33573 Space deletion in Japanese leads to errors on numbers.
  • Fix #31911 ALDialog - blocking event doesn’t work for an answer to an event.
  • Fix #33242 Value of “Age” in ALUserInfo is incorrect.
  • Fix #29886 skins should match whole words only.
  • Fix #32179 Dialog/IsStarted event has unexpected values.
  • Fix #29797 Dialog tries to deactivate non-existent rules in ASR after having changed the language.
  • Fix #32434 A choice with an other choice inside it, does not behave as expected (with or without ^rand)
  • Fix #32168 ALDialog - Deadlock when skins replace the same words or phrases
  • Fix #31791 ALDialog - NAOqi crashes when a Qichat concept contains an empty string “”.
  • Fix #33252 No way to see errors in %script
  • Fix #33199 QiChat negative and positive values are considered as equivalent on a ^call result.
  • Fix #32401 ALDialog.getConcept and addToConcept do not work with full language names, only with short names
  • Fix #33277 getConcept doesn’t return dynamic concept
  • Fix #31743 runTopics() duplicates the content of a dynamic concept, sometimes prevents Dialog from matching anymore.
  • Fix #31512 Dialog - Syntax highlighting does not work in QiChat editor.
  • Fix #29886 Dialog - Skins should match whole words only.
  • Fix #32738 collaborative content update is ignored.
  • Fix #33306 Robot can’t wake up after a long time in asleep mode.
  • Fix #32914 $Dialog/Answered==”output du robot !” does not work.
  • Fix #31796 TTS - in Japanese, markers seems to be inverted between pause and ^pCall.
  • Fix #32107 Acapela voices don’t work anymore on NAO since the removal of Acapela from Pepper.
  • Fix #33175 Dialog - Bad synchronization between TTS and ASR for the 1st sentence in Collaborative dialog.
  • Fix #33000, #33128 Dialog speech and animation don’t synchronized with.
  • Fix #32939 TTS glitch, Pepper Speech breaking up during Life.


  • Fix #31148 Disabled keyframe cannot be deleted.
  • Fix #34168 Choregraphe should not crash because lack of ogre support and fallback to 2D.
  • Fix #33731 Choregraphe is crashing with old Intel Graphic card on windows 7.
  • Fix #32922 ALDialog.setLanguage provokes numerous “Unknown Context SLM” errors.
  • Fix #29286 Playsound box can deadlock the robot (rare).
  • Fix #34335 Choregraphe Windows - Active Content -> Stop All Behaviors crashes Pepper.
  • Fix #34354 Choregraphe Manifest editor doesn’t set Behavior nature correctly.
  • Fix #34327 Cannot export to package.
  • Fix #34320 Import of legacy crg doesn’t work anymore.
  • Fix #34338 Project properties - No speaker icons.
  • Fix #33313 Localization box does not change the language permanently anymore.
  • Fix #34406 Can not build application package without at least one behavior.
  • Fix #34014 Play Sound on choregraphe doesn’t work.
  • Fix #33903 Crash on close when the advance timeline is open.
  • Fix #34078 Crash when scaling / offsetting time in advanced timeline.
  • Fix #34011 Project properties dialog is not synchronized with changes made in the project object inspector.
  • Fix #33672 Animated Say Box Unresponsive on any Other Text Parameter than ‘Hello’.
  • Fix #34004 Project object model is not correctly updated on behavior deletion.
  • Fix #30017 Tries/fails to restart NAOqi if User changes the robot model while disconnected from NAOqi.
  • Fix #34128 Behavior layers are moving frame by frame.
  • Fix #34276 No dialog topic in dialog pop up creation on a existing project.
  • Fix #32554 Choregraphe takes 100% of CPU when the “getting started” window is displayed.
  • Fix #33393 Crazy virtual robot settings at first launch.
  • Fix #33328 Showing a non-explicit pop-up when a behavior cannot be launched when connected to charging station.
  • Fix #32074 Installer - windows uninstaller fails with accentuated paths.
  • Fix #32058 Wizard - exe or dll files locked in the chosen directory.
  • Fix #31740 Animation is not played till the last frame in preview.
  • Fix #33719 Crash during disconnection if naoqi-service did crash.
  • Fix #33874 Cannot connect to Virtual Robot on Linux.
  • Fix #32965 Save as a box library don’t replace the old item in box library panel.
  • Fix #32936 Crash when creating a new box on an old one in the installation folder.
  • Fix #32402 Can not build package when package is perfect.
  • Fix #33565 Cannot create a dialog box from existing topic.
  • Fix #22095 Some joints won’t rotate sometimes, and we don’t understand why.
  • Fix #23311 Reset View does not work on mac.
  • Fix #29452 Random crash in the connection process.
  • Fix #29349 whole body key stored when you use mirror in “”LHipYawPitch”.
  • Fix #29050 On Mac OS X, sometimes, on empty Timelines, the contextual menu does not works properly.
  • Fix #28646 Edition of old timelines is broken.

Interaction engines - Life

  • Fix #34367 ALAutonomousLife calls a service even after this service was unregistered.
  • Fix #33884 Robot freezes when going to sleep mode and head touched.
  • Fix #33767 Parameter [bang(myEvent) && ‘myEvent’ == 1] of boxe Expression Watcher needs to be updated in [bang(‘myEvent’) && ‘myEvent’ == 1].
  • Fix #34177 ALAutonomousLife doesn’t launched when launching naoqi-bin on desktop.
  • Fix #33066 BasicAwareness stops responding.
  • Fix #33015 ThinkingSentences preference use.
  • Fix #32851 Spanish - Pepper says out of purpose “Por favor” for each application launch.
  • Fix #32839 Thinking expression does not work as expected after factory reset of boot-config.
  • Fix #33954 ThinkingExpression - segfault when using custom thinking sentences.
  • Fix #31888 No feedback when a user tries to launch non-authorized application while Pepper is on the Charging station.
  • Fix #33317 Pepper is blocked when you try to put him in asleep mode while an applicaiton is running.
  • Fix #32915 AutonomousAbility non determinitic crash at naoqi shutdown.
  • Fix #32748 PeoplePerception performance differs when other VideoDevice subscribers ask for certain resolutions.
  • Fix #33058 ALUserSession - getPpidFromUsid error message is weird: “Could not get bindings :no such user: not an error”.
  • Fix #29230 ALUserSession - Conversion from v(void) to s(std::string) failed when calling getSecondsSinceLastEncounter.
  • Fix #32129 After several plays of see and listen, the sound localization doesn’t send any events.
  • Fix #30597 Device names are not translated at read time.


  • Fix #30548 OV5640 camera - SetParameter are sometime ignored.
  • Fix #33987 Simulation is not treated as real data by algorithms.
  • Fix #32932 Permanent users sometimes disappear from UserIdentification but still exist for UserSession.
  • Fix #32120 FaceDetection error at startup.
  • Fix #32796 Crash on ALFaceDetection.
  • Fix #31839 Record video box doesn’t work for the first time when folder wasn’t created.
  • Fix #32924 ALVisionRecognition - memory leak when learning an object with Choregraphe.
  • Fix #31138 Deadlock video-device during application Watchman.


  • Fix #34054 ALLeds warning in loop: The use of this LED (ChestLeds) is deprecated since 1.14.
  • Fix #33958 LEDs are briefly reset to white when going to sleep.
  • Fix #32496 Shoulder LEDs blink red at robot boot.

qi Framework

  • Fix #34025 qilaunch support arguments on function calls.
  • Fix #31656 NAOqi must run without crashing in unicode characaters paths contexts.
  • Fix #33655 Error at naoqi starts: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.
  • Fix #29088 QiMessaging - naoqi-bin.exe cannot create qimessagingmachine_id file when a non-ascii character is in the file path on Windows
  • Fix #34026 qilaunch support gentle interruption on SIGINT and SIGTERM
  • Fix #34067 qimessaging.remoteobject error at naoqi startup.
  • Fix #30293 No Life with Virtual Robot (Local Naoqi).
  • Fix #32201 No way to defer a call so be executed on qi::Application::run().
  • Fix #33034 Gateway bug when disconnecting/connecting.
  • Fix #32933 Cannot connect to a property registered by advertiseProperty.
  • Fix #31991 boost::chrono::duration & qi::Clock duration default constructor beahaviour changed with C++11.
  • Fix #32556 qi.futureBarrier - futureBarrier always finish with errors.
  • Fix #32602 qicli –prettyprint call Service.method does not format JSON serialized data.
  • Fix #32601 qicli call Service.method –prettyprint: unrecognised option ‘–prettyprint’.
  • Fix #32165 qi::ApplicationSession may help you parse –qi-url options, but forces you to connect it.
  • Fix #32704 Deadlock when calling ALAnimatedSpeech.say and _stopAll.
  • Fix #32776 Deadlock in ALBehaviorManager.stopBehavior if a behavior contains several Dialog boxes.
  • Fix #32758 Sometimes tablet touch does not work and ASR does not stop at “Play with Pepper” page.
  • Fix #32523 qi API very slow with certain connections.
  • Fix #31999 ALAutonomousLife not started on local naoqi.


Getting Started Wizard / Settings menu

  • Fix #33514 Getting Started Wizard is not restarted if NAOqi crashes before the Getting Started Wizard is finished.
  • Fix #32952 Loading music did not stop after factory reset failed, and both cancel and retry function did not work.
  • Fix #32844 Settings Menu - The status icon of the Update your applications section should be red when pepper doesn’t connect the network.
  • Fix #32538 Usage Feedback does not work without reboot.
  • Fix #31027 Settings Menu - No warning nor notification if disconnection during apps update.


  • Fix #32909 User can’t see error message when it failed wipe user data.
  • Fix #32941 Reinforce safeguard status during application transitions.
  • Fix #32843 Some Module cannot be unregistered at the right timing.
  • Fix #32732 Robot shutdown when battery is too hot.
  • Fix #32445 Factory Reset from Settings menu did not reset Aldebaran account information.
  • Fix #32727 & #32473 Boot-config & sleep-reactions packages not installed after upgrade.


  • Fix #32373 Change posture when an error has been detected to avoid potential motor heating.
  • Fix #32370 Camera subscription in ALVideoDevice can take too much time.
  • Fix #32550 ALRecharge - Wrong moveTo computation in Recharge Slope watcher.


  • Fix #33509 Random TTS crash during application.
  • Fix #33203 Bad synchronization between TTS and ASR for the 1st sentence in dialog.
  • Fix #30840 TTS glitch, Pepper Speech breaking up during Life.
  • Fix #32775 Deadlock in ALBehaviorManager.stopBehavior if a behavior contains several Dialog boxes.
  • Fix #32520 Sometimes tablet touch does not work and ASR does not stop at “Play with Pepper” page.
  • Fix #32729 ASR error when linking dialog Boxes sequentially in Choregaphe.
  • Fix #32308 add logs informing that gotoTopic() or setFocus() with an inactive topic has been forbidden.
  • Fix #32351 ALAnimatedSpeech - Deadlock when a speech start && we call _stopAll


Getting Started Wizard

  • Fix #32452 Usage Feedback setting cannot be turned on.
  • Fix #32050 Error message when ALConnectionManager WiFi scan has failed is confusing and lacks of details.
  • Fix #31382 After software update, Getting Started Wizard is displayed and specific pages are looped.
  • Fix #31900 Getting Started wizard - Popup box contains English even if Japanese is set.


  • Fix #32123 & #32069 Chinese sentence is mixed in Choregraphe Japanese translation.
  • Fix #32048 Japanese translation modification at the Robot System Update screen.
  • Fix #32104 System update: correct English wording.
  • Fix #31937 Memory Backup - Some dialog is missing Japanese translation at Data Backup/Restore.


  • Fix #32398 ASR stops and tablet touch does not work.
  • Fix #32147 Trying to stop a dialog box in a long sentence with animated speech, leads to a deadlock, then to a crash.
  • Fix #26959 Dialog matches rules of topics that are no longer loaded or activated.
  • Fix #32001 Dialog starts and stops too slowly.
  • Fix #32148 ASR starts slowly.
  • Fix #31746 ALSoundLocalization - after several plays of see and listen, the sound localization doesn’t send any events.
  • Fix #32054 ALTextToSpeech - Phrases in Japanese glitch when between ^start and ^wait.
  • Fix #31995 Crash on subscription to ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis.
  • Fix #31829 TTS - no more Acapela engine for Pepper.
  • Fix #31724 ALDialog - Random crash in aldialogmodel ruletree.cpp.


  • Fix #31820 Auto Recharge 0.2.10 - Safety function doesn’t work on behavior “leave-station”.
  • Fix #31978 Charging Station - when connector is not well connected, pepper falls down during diagnosis turning motion.
  • Fix #31820 Safety function doesn’t work during “leave-station” behavior.
  • Fix #32026 Robot occurred power discontinuity by shelf test with Charging Station.
  • Fix #32028 Robot stops too far of the obstacles.
  • Fix #31838 Robot fall down trying to dock on a slanted Charging Station.
  • Fix #31582 Tell the HAL to deactivate Fuse protection during push recoveries.
  • Fix #31586 Add intensity information to RobotPushed event.

Robot interactivity

  • Fix #31496 Notification - Translate list of devices at read time.
  • Fix #31802 NAO pronounces the last dot of IP address notification (number per number) for all Acapela languages.


  • Fix #32184 Robot takes a long time to boot.
  • Fix #32022 3 first photos after factory reset disappear from database after a while.
  • Fix #31676 Robot does not display application to uninstall.
  • Fix #29931 preference database (prefs.db) is sometimes corrupted.


Getting Started Wizard

  • Fix #31382 After software update, Setting-Wizard is displayed and specific pages are looped.


  • Fix #31659 Conflict connection messages are not translated.
  • Fix #31563 Attach file type tag as unsupported when adding a parameter.
  • Fix #31335 ManifestEditor: Fix crash in package validation.
  • Fix #31658 Sound Loc. box uses deprecated ALAudioSourceLocalization.
  • Fix #31330 Select a box in box library makes Choregraphe crash if the precedent selected box doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Fix #31324 Mac - impossible to change virtual robot type.
  • Fix #31282 Segfault when connection is lost during a request for disconnection.


  • Fix #30691 Crash NAOqi using ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis.
  • Fix #31407 After ASR has run, ASR is not ceased.
  • Fix #31630 TTS glitch, Pepper Speech breaking up during Life.
  • Fix #31463 Enabling or disabling beamformer deletes all contexts.


  • Fix #31332 Baytrail - wakeUp/rest failed

qi framework

  • Fix #31419 service.wait(taskId, _async = True) deadlock in some case


  • Fix #26890 Flash lock at 70% of the progress randomly.


Getting Started Wizard

  • Fix #29900 No Next button after updating all applications during GSW.
  • Fix #29583 Synchronization to next page delay too long.
  • Fix #29538 Music played twice when updating applications.
  • Fix #29533 Need to start a second time the wizard to have a system update.
  • Fix #29464 Robots Gate does not handle correctly a request time-out from ALStore.
  • Fix #29448 Synchronisation Time-out while switching networks during getting started wizard.
  • Fix #28731 When connecting to WiFi network, screen keep indicating trying to connect after connection.


  • Fix #30444 Connection lost are not well handled.
  • Fix #30430 Lock behavior playing on Choregraphe.
  • Fix #30379 Can mistake NAOqi installation path in preferences with NAOqi bin path.
  • Fix #30274 Edit parameters doesn’t work.
  • Fix #30240 Opening a new project fails to save previous “new” project if User cancels its save dialog.
  • Fix #30079 In a box library, modifying a box description or icon doesn’t mark the lib as modified.
  • Fix #30071 Memory Watcher - natures of pre-selected keys are not properly updated at connection.
  • Fix #30065 Can’t copy or edit values in the Memory watcher.
  • Fix #30063 Box Library: when creating a new BoxLib where it already exists one, overwrite confirmation is asked twice.
  • Fix #30013 Close Behavior action still enabled even if there is no project opened.
  • Fix #30006 Code folding is broken.
  • Fix #29983 Creating a new box library and saving does not add it to user libraries.
  • Fix #29973 Virtual robot stopped unexpectedly mouse display problem.
  • Fix #29893 Mirroring is not previewing position.
  • Fix #29839 Auto setting of the end frame doesn’t add Timeframe in Timeline.
  • Fix #29835 Character “”/”” in a box name makes Choregraphe crash when opening the box.
  • Fix #29816 Pepper leg stiffen clickable.
  • Fix #29796 Record mode not always functional.
  • Fix #29789 Delete part of motion keyframe.
  • Fix #29762 No error reported when loading a non-existing user library.
  • Fix #29753 Tablet touch box in Choregraphe is really hard to find.
  • Fix #29752 No Choregraphe boxes to subscribe to signals.
  • Fix #29645 Choregraphe crashes when setting choice box’s language to Japanese.
  • Fix #29644 Box library - something fishy about drag/drop (box, folder).
  • Fix #29585 Choregraphe crashes if you disconnect right after being connected.
  • Fix #29574 Choregraphe crashes if disconnecting while setting volume.
  • Fix #29557 Choregraphe - Crash due to Timeline behaviors.
  • Fix #29547 MAC - Choregraphe stuck in full-screen if going full-screen with the Timeline open.
  • Fix #29530 Autokey is not working on 3d view controllers.
  • Fix #29487 Project objects does not display all the objects of the project.
  • Fix #29407 Convert to Box shouldn’t create onEvent inputs.
  • Fix #29355 Crash when using same License single-key on Mac OS.
  • Fix #29344 Behavior loading bar displays state unrelated to play/stop button.
  • Fix #29335 Choregraphe - remnant process on close.
  • Fix #29271 Clicking on the numbers of the Timeline make the robot move.
  • Fix #29193 Crash when killing a local NAOqi while connecting to it.
  • Fix #29172 Crash when opening the advanced timeline with a disabled timeline.
  • Fix #29146 Click on a box in a newly opened Choregraphe project marks it as modified.
  • Fix #29130 Can’t access tool-bar when Choregraphe is in full-screen mode.
  • Fix #29128 Timeline zoom and scroll forgotten when deleting/adding behavior layers.
  • Fix #29122 Connection error pop-up can be display more than once each time virtual robot fails to start.
  • Fix #29028 Layout is not correctly loaded at start-up.
  • Fix #28861 No pop up to inform disconnection of local naoqi.
  • Fix #28823 Bad display in planar move editor when deleting path.
  • Fix #28693 Topic file is cleared if it does not compile.
  • Fix #28686 Connect to windows is loop opening.
  • Fix #28590 Copy/paste behavior layer alters box shape inside.
  • Fix #28492 Choregraphe starts in windowed mode instead of full screen.
  • Fix #28301 AnimPreviewWidget - Display artefacts when off-screen on Mac.
  • Fix #28263 No mono-space font in condition editor on windows.
  • Fix #28079 Clicking on the “Open box library” button makes Choregraphe freeze on Win7.
  • Fix #28026 Choregraphe takes too much resources and lags on Win7.
  • Fix #27579 Behavior doesn’t play in Choregraphe.
  • Fix #27519 Loading a Timeline with N ALMemory events will register (N x nb of frames) services corresponding to the events.
  • Fix #22572 No feedback when playing a behavior failing at __init__
  • Fix #22531 Ask regularly new licence key, then all settings are lost.
  • Fix #22375 Curve mode in advanced Timeline editor is laggy with big Timeline.
  • Fix #22165 Play behavior saves the file.
  • Fix #21121 Project Properties too big for Laptops.
  • Fix #16551 Virtual Naoqi - Connection attempt should stop if naoqi failed to start, with a clear error message.
  • Fix #29306 Undo on Timeline does not work for the first modification.
  • Fix #29160 All short-cuts are broken in advanced Timeline.
  • Fix #19448 Some keyframes are uneditable.
  • Fix #30962 Wrong naming for the AnimatedSpeech box.
  • Fix #30230 Edit file name assumes the file extension starts from the first dot.
  • Fix #30016 Loosing virtual robot path info when changing robot model.
  • Fix #29906 No 3D view on Windows 7.
  • Fix #29836 Recorder Video doesn’t work.
  • Fix #29584 Installation - there are two “animation” box libraries.
  • Fix #29508 Can not open box containing slash ‘/’.
  • Fix #29485 Can’t move folder in project files when window is undocked.
  • Fix #29445 Uninstall Choregraphe Suite doesn’t remove Memorize tool.
  • Fix #29409 Crash when quitting Choregraphe on Mac (Ogre involved).
  • Fix #29203 When scrolling in Inspector View, it’s creating graphical issues on robot view if right above.
  • Fix #29024 Getting started dialog not centred on Choregraphe main window at start-up.
  • Fix #28459 When creating a pml, a pop up open but you can’t click on OK on linux.
  • Fix #26284 Dialog template does not create .dlg/.top files.
  • Fix #26214 Default layout lets too little space to the inspector: behavior inspector is too wide for it.
  • Fix #22371 Sometimes, “position arrows” in Motion widget are not displayed.
  • Fix #20834 3D View - Obstacle attached to a joint should be updated at the same frequency that the joint.

Interaction engines - Life

  • Fix #30839 BasicAwareness - fine-tune default height for NavigationMotion stimulus.
  • Fix #30105 AutonomousLife - Launchpad/NumMotionZone events are broken.
  • Fix #29693 BasicAwareness - tracking parameters fine-tuning to reduce jerkiness.
  • Fix #29531 BasicAwareness - is not compatible with the lookAt function.
  • Fix #29073 BasicAwareness - Pause is sometimes not effective.
  • Fix #28925 AutonomousBlinking - not re-enabled during Autonomous Life transitions.
  • Fix #28718 ListeningMovement -Listening animations colliding with robot’s arm.
  • Fix #28549 AutonomousLife - Crash in condition-checker at shut-down.
  • Fix #28447 #28461 AutonomousLife - Crash in libautonomouslaunchpad at shut-down.
  • Fix #26308 Inhibit movements only when do stop/sleep commands, not just when touch any head tactile sensor.

Interaction engines - Dialog

  • Fix #30428 Remove additional beep sound with switch from autonomous Life to Dialog.
  • Fix #30297 Allow to use naoqi2 events in rule u:(e:event).
  • Fix #30244 Crash in libsoprano.
  • Fix #30213 Optimize topic loading when nothing changed.
  • Fix #30209 Nuance remote is always used when possible, without any preferences.
  • Fix #30181 Application trigger sentences have more priority than all other rules.
  • Fix #30179 Fix u1 still open when stop an application.
  • Fix #29701 ^call are now synchronize with animated speech and are called during speech.
  • Fix #29699 Tag in sentence generate an event Dialog/Tag synchronized with animated speech.
  • Fix #29696 Fix upper-case tag automatically transform in lower-case.
  • Fix #29690 add Dialog::Pause(bool) to pause dialog.
  • Fix #29674 Fix rare crash on loading.
  • Fix #29666 Fix Asr not working when Life automatically reset language to web page language.
  • Fix #29655 Fix collaborative dialog event that match during an application.
  • Fix #29620 ALDialog.setLanguage raises events even if there is no actual language change or Dialog is not running.
  • Fix #29565 Now dialog engine always match longest possible sentence if two rule have common matchable part or if a word is included in another word.
  • Fix #29484 It is now possible to add several words in skin.
  • Fix #29436 Dialog won’t give 3 result per speech recognition in applications.
  • Fix #29434 Dialog.setLanguage will now raise an exception if asr or tts setLanguage raise an exception.
  • Fix #29251 Allow to have different Asr confidence by language.
  • Fix #29224 Now runTopics will raise exception if any exception in sequence.
  • Fix #28935 Fix crash when use ^enumerate on empty concept.
  • Fix #28849 Fix Application not fully compiled. Remove additional application compilation at runtime.
  • Fix #28503 Add Dialog::getConcept method.
  • Fix #27778 UnloadTopic will raise an exception if topic doesn’t exist.
  • Fix #26681 Fix robot not speaking if answer contains ^first inside ^first.
  • Fix #25609 ^switchFocus directive should fallback on runBehavior.
  • Fix #25410 Users can cause a segfault when loading topic with an infinite includeloop.
  • Fix #24286 Fix topic cannot be loaded anymore when include have a syntax error or not found.


  • Fix #31070 Rest reflex custom posture is not respected if a rest is already running.
  • Fix #30908 When trying to set Pepper in rest, robot stay up and logs are flooded.
  • Fix #30765 ALMotion: fix a bug with “move” external collision protection.
  • Fix #30501 Fix Diagnosis immediate rest reflex bug.
  • Fix #30255 When Dance application is running, over-heat of WheelB happens, thenPepper falls down.
  • Fix #29971 Fix temperature notification bug.
  • Fix #29782 Whole body infeasible when pushing Juliette during moveInit.
  • Fix #29177 Fix a glitch with animations containing out-of-bound keys.
  • Fix #28735 Remove glitch at the end of move on Pepper.
  • Fix #27239 Remove some tracker glitches.
  • Fix #22851 Fix Crash in ALMotion.

Core - Notifications

  • Fix #29424 Notification # 806 (error on battery) is confusing.
  • Fix #26636 System notifications added at boot time are not in the right language.
  • Fix #30324 Change message of notification 806 with more accurate information.
  • Fix #28877 Guidance for motor getting hot and motor too hot are inverted.
  • Fix #23636 #26495 If change of language, notifications are said with new voice but with messages in previous language (Now message is adapted to current language and if the translation does not exist in this language, it reads the English translation of the notification with English voice).


  • Fix #30762 If SoundLoc is unsubscribed while a sound is playing, it will never start again.
  • Fix #29831 ALAnimatedSpeech do not say text inside parenthesis.
  • Fix #29694 ALAnimatedSpeech - Move a bit even though a sentence begins with ^mode(disabled).
  • Fix #29607 ALTextToSpeech locked in aitalk.
  • Fix #29460 Sound detection events sometimes not working.
  • Fix #29212 ALAnimatedSpeech does not run in virtual robot.
  • Fix #23861 Update the FFMPEG version.
  • Fix #24177 play Sound box unload generates errors in this dance behavior.

NAOqi - Core

  • Fix #30260 Several services with the same names on a robot could lead to misunderstanding, or broken behaviors.
  • Fix #30061 On MAC Yosemite with last qiBuild Version, NAOqi SDK we can’t make the example build.
  • Fix #29996 ALMemory.subscribeToEvent does not work if the event is not declared
  • Fix #29165 Robot crashed when unplugged, likely because of a full disk.


  • Fix #30903 Tablet bubble turned to be black.
  • Fix #30768 Tablet boxes use a deprecated method to get package path.
  • Fix #30635 ExecuteJS(“Naoqi.closeWindow()”) makes next showWebview to close automatically.
  • Fix #30466 getVideoPosition return 0 instead of -1.
  • Fix #30058 Tablet froze on bubble view after a “nao restart”.
  • Fix #29866 J-tablet-browser died during A-life, and blacked out after a few taps.
  • Fix #26181 Tablet is in insecure mode.


  • Fix #29872 ALRecharge.goToStation exits prematurely.
  • Fix #29867 MovementDetection takes some time to start.
  • Fix #28381 Crash in Vision Recognition.

Sensor & LEDs

  • Fix #29366 LED groups even/odd and front/back are mixed together.



  • Fix #26470 When trying to disconnect from a robot, sometimes Choregraphe crashes.
  • Fix #28856 & #29326 Choregraphe crashes on MacOS, when linking the output of a box to a parameter icon; when importing a multi edit box and keeping the focus on another multi edit box entry.
  • Fix #28620 Choregraphe can not connect to robot on MacOS + local NAOqi crash at startup
  • Fix #29202 Robot Applications panel: right click to copy the behavior error to clipboard.
  • Fix #27474 Robot Applications panel: on behavior execution error, no error report can be found in the panel.
  • Fix #24425 Application play/stop button is not always updated.
  • Fix #28353 Mirroring arms in the controller view mirrors the Timeline preview.
  • Fix #28759 Heavy glitches in animation previews.
  • Fix #28936 Default starting project in Choregraphe opened as unsaved.
  • Fix #28982 Renaming in a box library delete your name.
  • Fix #29157 Mirror erases key in advanced Timeline.
  • Fix #29159 Timeline: Fix cut/copy/paste.
  • Fix #29305 Choregraphe crashes on choosing a robot with the robot browser.
  • Fix #29323 Choregraphe crashes - Mac only.
  • Fix #29328 Installer: Choregraphe Suite has an updated EULA.
  • Fix #29456 MoveToward box: The box behavior stop immediately on start with Pepper.
  • Fix #29204 Choregraphe stuck in full screen mode at start-up if the getting started is shown and if it has been closed in full screen the previous time.
  • Fix #29339 Clicking a keyframe does not refresh control sliders.
  • Fix #29720 Installer - Installation / uninstallation does not work on Ubuntu if the path contains spaces.
  • Fix #29173 Motion Widget - Slider only react on cursor moved by mouse.
  • Fix #29354 Mac - License management.
  • Fix #29308 Remove link to Store 2.0 when building a package.


  • Fix #30212 When Dance application is running, over-heat of WheelB happens, then Pepper falls down.
  • Fix #30043 Long delay between the first proposal and ASR start.
  • Fix #29284 Diagnosis - Crash During asleep mode.
  • Fix #28942 Anti-collision is detected when there is no collision possible.
  • Fix #29063 When doing a goToPosture with some arms positions from Standing position sometimes robot goes to Crouch before going to Stand.
  • Fix #29156 Everything deadlocked: Too many open files (/dev/cgos).
  • Fix #29302 & #29697 Dialog_reflex not responding when change language or reset language.
  • Fix #28864 Tablet bubbles are still displayed when going from asleep to disabled.
  • Fix #29362 Getting started Wizard: Improve pages navigation.
  • Fix #29561 Getting started Wizard: Robot try to update apps even if the robot is not on-line.

NAO Flasher

  • Fix #6412 On Vista, you need to be administrator to use the flasher. Vista not supported anymore.

Sensor management

  • Fix #29706 Detect back right laser error after static brake test, error 8.
  • Fix #20646 Pepper - Laser: the external lights (sun, lamp) can induce some false positives.
  • Fix Laser - unwanted diagnosis error notification #710 at start-up.


Autonomous life

  • Fix #27267 & #21300 Double-click on chest button has now a consistent behavior:
    • Double-click while the robot is stiffened or Life is enabled, it will disable Life and rest the robot (and make a relief sound).
    • Double-click while the robot is un-stiffened and Life is disabled, it will enable Life and wake up the robot (and make an enthusiast sound).


  • Faster & more reliable robot discovery.
  • No more issues starting several Choregraphe with several virtual robots! No more issues of “leaking” NAOqi processes, Choregraphe cleans lost NAOqis at startup.
  • Behaviors do not create services anymore (that’s quite a detail of implementation), having for a consequence a dramatic increase of the behavior loading speed!
  • Fix #22733 Cannot switch language from a Choregraphe Application.


  • Fix #27369 Should not pre-load all system packages when NAOqi starts.
  • Fix #23719 ALNotificationManager should throw when adding a notification with empty message.
  • Fix #27609 Status LED should be steady white only once NAOqi is ready, not way before that.
  • Fix #26388 Blue and red were inverted for some led short-names.
  • Various stability fixes to ALAutonomousLife.



  • Fix #31738 Record video box doesn’t work for the first time when folder wasn’t created.
  • Fix #31726 Replace old wait box containing threading.Timer from delivered boxes.
  • Fix #27200 Windows 8 - Installer - previous setup replacement option: Autolt error during previous Choregraphe uninstall.
  • Fix #27416 MoveAlong box has to show clearly Pepper-only compatibility.
  • Fix #31785 Internal choice box doesn’t support Norwegian and greek.
  • Fix #25597 Moving folders in Choregraphe.
  • Fix #25598 Drag’n’dropping a behavior at the root of a project may be buggy.
  • Fix #24215 Choregraphe can lose data after some files manipulation.
  • Fix #26994 Choregraphe freezes while clicking on the Choose button whithout folder selected in Open box library pop up.
  • Fix #26996 Advanced timeline’s play-shaped buttons for stiffness are broken.
  • Fix #22267 Record mode in Timeline Editor is dead.
  • Fix #25624 AnimationMode: Conflict between Autonomous Life and Animation mode.
  • Fix #26520 standard box library - record video box throws errors.


  • Fix #31723 change locale for the Norwegian: Norwegian language is tagged as no_No instead of nn_NO.
  • Fix #25810 crash in libaudiodevicemanager when installing language packages during life and asr on.
  • Fix #26657 Deadlock when change language.
  • Fix #25973 Audio recorder correct internal pulse buffer size.
  • Fix #25192 ALAudioDevice: Subscribe and then unsubscribe twice crashes naoqi.
  • Fix #26707 Can not set TTS language to English anymore after having switched acapela -> nuance.
  • Fix #31298 Change speed parameter while ‘Say’ TTS method is running results in a locked call and an unusable TTS service.
  • Fix TTS: #31561 complete voice model for new languages.
  • Fix #31469 New languages added with choregraphe do not work properly.
  • Fix #31702 Erroneous or missing translations of notifications in Polish.
  • Fix #31571 Language dependent pronunciation problems with the IP address because of dots.
  • Fix #31507 NAO - pronounces the the last dot of IP address notification (number per number) for all Acapela languages.


  • Fix animations: #31389 fix hand collision when BodyTalk_15 then BodyTalk_18
  • Fix #31594 Correct translations


  • Fix #31708 Crash Naoqi -!AL::ALLocalization::xSaveReference()

ALDialog - Qichat

  • Fix #26816 Uppercase in dynamic concept make a nuance compilation error.
  • Fix #24315 Random crash in dialog engine.
  • Fix #27389 Review supported languages list - add getDialogLanguage, add getIsoLanguage functions.


  • Fix #27266 ALAutonomousLife takes 50 seconds to load (registers 1500 modules).
  • Fix #27267 Double-click on torso button may remove robot stiffness even if it was in Autonomous Life.
  • Fix #21300 Stopping Autonomous life should always behave the same way: 1. via chest btn, 2. via Choregraphe btn.


  • Fix #26739 Database is not created correctly on Windows.
  • Fix #26032 Database is reloaded each time you subscribe to PictureDetected.
  • Fix #26622 Compatibility with 1.14 DB broken.
  • Fix #26623 Crash when calling changeDatabase while the module is processing.
  • Fix #21346 Vision recognition very slow in 2.0.2


  • Fix #30040 Face Detection - Face Label is remanent.


  • Fix #29080 LeftBumperPressed event returns an Integer instead of a Float.


  • Fix #28484 The hands of the robots are not closed during shutdown (When autonomous life is OFF).
  • Fix #26350 ALMotion.wakeUp: NAO should go to the Stand posture instead of StandInit
  • Fix #31221 Robot falls while trying to stand-up from ‘Crouch’ posture if only it was previously boot in ‘Sit’ posture


  • Fix #29702 #27309 “My battery is now fully charged” notification needs a more robust trigger condition.


  • Fix #31214 Nao - Inversion of color in ALLeds.fadeRGB().


  • Fix #30208 Specialized proxies are out of date.


  • Fix #29013: Flood of Diagnosis notifications



  • Fix #23948 License management: error message “the provided license is not valid”.
  • Fix #23938 Recording mode: impossible to stiffen the limbs on and off.
  • Fix #23892 [OSX] Licence key is asked twice during Choregraphe Installation.
  • Fix #23590 Long connection times / timeouts - improved, not fully fixed.

C++ SDK - Windows

  • Fix #24255 SDK examples - min/max issue on Visual Studio.


  • Fix #25771 Life: default tracking mode of BA should be Head on NAO.
  • Fix #25078 Dialog is started a second time after the person has left.


  • Fix #25203 Missing the API to control the background posture.


  • Fix #25370 ALPeopleDetection: distances for detected people are incorrect on NAO.


  • Fix #23572 [The dialog] [Dialog Applauncher] Impossible to launch applications in German.
  • Fix #23553 event in recover section doesn’t match.
  • Fix #23383 and #23431 [The dialog] [Dialog Applauncher] Impossible to launch some applications with applauncher.
  • Fix #22941 ^enumerate with empty value.


  • Fix #23397 NAO V5: minimum distance of sonar is wrong.

  • Fix #23263 NAO: unable to deactivate safety reflexes without user consent.

  • Fix #23074 ALMotionProxy::getSummary deadlock.

  • Fix #22475 Jerky motion when arm is Stiffness off.

  • Fix #21767 All external collision protections cannot be enabled on NAO.

    User consent not required except for the Fall manager reflex.

  • Fix #19129 NAO: Secure moveTo (Stop if obstacle) and Security Distance in Move To box are missing.

  • Fix #15978 and #19644 Fix Idle task when NAO is not stand.

    • Allow idle posture when robot is not stand (idle animation is still forbidden).
    • Allow any idle activity in slave mode.
  • Fix #9271 Walking in theta with a NAO can activate its own bumper.

    Adapts to bounding box as Position2D instead of Pose2D.



  • Fix #22536 Finger issue during stand-up/rest go to posture


#25244 ACAPELA vs Nuance technology not well documented.


  • Fix #22692 Do not create multiple threads. Handle exception in Future.cancel().


  • Fix #7290 The two parameters Voice Shaping and Speed of the Say box have no effect for Korean.
  • Fix #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage (NAO V5)


  • Fix #16735 TTS is blocked after reading a notification in Japanese.
  • Fix #15312 Japanese TTS: pronunciation of markers if sentence greater 500 characters.


  • Fix #15494 Event robotIsWakeUp raises twice after a rest()
  • Fix #15544 Entering a value in the Motion window sometimes creates an unwanted keyframe
  • Fix #4232 MP3 files start slower than WAV files: use new OGG format instead of WAV.


  • Fix #15643 HeadYaw velocity is limited.
  • Fix #13165 [MAC] Plugin boxes not well displayed if started from a click of the project.
  • Fix #11371 [MAC] Send behavior to robot randomly fails (“Could not read request result for file behavior.xar” error).
  • Fix #13549 Posture Manager: Lying Back to Lying belly does not work.


  • Fix #11333 The red playing cursor doesn’t appear in the Timeline editor
  • Fix #11272 Motion widget mirroring is inverted on some joints
  • Fix #6924 Child Broker webpage problem.


  • Fix #10289 ALTextToSpeech is aborting naoqi at startup when language behaviors are corrupted.

  • Fix #7856 sometimes MT9M114 HD camera (Atom - NAO V4) doesn’t handle well Auto Exposition: dark images seem even darker than expected.

  • Fix #11199 The following line in a Choregraphe box will not throw error anymore, even when running Choregraphe on Windows while not connected to a robot:

    import socket
  • Fix #3257 no limitation with Japanese language anymore.

    ALAnimatedSpeech usage was limited when using the new Japanese TTS engine.

    Automatic body language works well, but instructions (^start, ^wait and ^stop) was ignored.


  • Fix #11112 [1.14.1 languages] In Choregraphe, the characters like “Ä›” or “í” are not displayed in the debug window nor in the Robot view.


  • Fix #14097 Random segfaults when restarting naoqi.


  • NAO’s global behavior
    • Fix #11001 [RANDOM] Nao displays glitches in its movements, especially in Nao’s life
    • Fix #12887 FSR give weird reading for Center of Pressure
    • Fix #13716 MODEL: nao ankle limits are wrong
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #11365 Trying to connect two choregraphe sessions to a single robot, all connections are lost.
    • Fix #10072 and #9875 Choregraphe can’ t be used out of the box Mountain Lion
    • Fix #13079 deadlock on repeated behavior execution


  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #6251 Link possible to a wrench even when there’s no compatible parameter
    • Fix #12995 Creating a Timeline box by a right-click should have by default an opened behavior layer (same as the Timeline template in the Box Libraries)
    • Fix #12644 Saving as “something_v1.2” changes the name in the title bar to “something_v1”
    • Fix #10850: on Mac OS X, fixed a random error while sending heavy behaviors to a real robot
    • Fix #13070 solved a crash when making screen shots of the 3D view through the pose editor


  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #12615 Integrate gst-python and pygobject packages (only missing on Geode image).
    • Fix #8216 [Chrome] Nao webpage isn’t displayed properly, especially Network page.
    • Fix #9940 Unlearn Face and Unlearn All Faces boxes have no effect.


  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #10900 GotoAndPlay box jumps to random frame.
    • Fix #9943 Some Libraries prevent 1.14 Choregraphe to start on OSX Mountain Lion.
    • Fix #8752 Timeline display shifted left - controls unusable.
  • NAOqi
    • Fix #11072 Tracker: head tracking of face do not work on sit posture on naoqi 1.14.
    • Fix #10917 The anti collision enables himself again after a short time.
    • Fix #10490 Activation / deactivation of the Fall manager made more robust.
    • Fix #10015 A call to the setLanguage function of tts increases the list of available languages.
    • Fix Specialized proxy for module ALSonar (ALSonarProxy).
    • Fix #7758 Segfault in!AlMemoryPlugin::run.
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #10831 Unable to flash from 1.14 to 1.12: unknown preferences are considered as errors.
    • Fix #10734 ntp-client service: fix/update sntp options.
    • Fix #9558 After a normal reboot, all my personal data are lost. Checkpart: do not format the user data partition if not explicitly required via factory-reset.
    • Fix #8104 and #7732 Nao Web Page: Language and Time zone combo boxes are not correctly set with Internet Explorer.
    • Fix #11101: OpenNAO-vm: Avoid spurious and annoying “Name already in use” popping in the standard video output.


  • Fix #7151 Resource Manager does not handle multimodel. Tai Chi Chuan box cannot run on a T14 robot.
  • Fix #7909 Wireless network not being refreshed
  • Fix #7908 Static IP address invalid after a reboot
  • Fix #6338 Wifi with hidden SSID and no security are not reconnected at startup
  • Fix #6135 audio driver: locked in mute (atom)
  • Feature #3796 Voice shaping does not work for Japanese language


  • NAOqi
    • ALTelepathe: fixed segfaults for associated robots (#6647, #7207, #7209)
    • Fix #5915 ALInfrared: remove IR remote learning
    • Fix #6951 ALAudioPlayer does not work on RoboCup config
    • Fix #7236 erratic result of brightness setting in NAO V4 camera
  • Choregraphe
    • Record Sound box. The default value of the Microphone used parameter has changed.


  • NAOqi
    • Fix #6985 Ultrasonic sensors sometimes needs NAOqi restart
    • Fix #5592 Strange behavior of angleInterpolation with AnklePitch/Roll joint
    • Fix #6578 Remove inversion of active camera
    • Fix #6123 Modify path where pictures are recorded: recordings/cameras
    • Fix #6573 Audio player doesn’t play web streams anymore
    • Fix #6341 Stopping a box stops also another one when both use Standing resource.
    • Fix #6306 takePictureRegularly does not work with some param
    • Fix #6244 Segfault in audioplayer when playing corrupted .wav files
    • Fix #2065/FS#3764 Nao now speaks in Portuguese or Korean when pressing the chest button
    • Fix #5472 I can’t find my body is now always said in English
    • Fix #6038 Naopathe: “Error: cannot found the ALAudioDevice module” when setting volume
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #6599 Roaming improved
    • Fix #6604 wireless connection freeze - Update to wireless stack of Linux 3.2
    • Fix #6288 Ensure that we can always login on NAO.
    • Fix #6190 ATOM: problem while initializing SD-card
    • Fix #6286 Update NAO v4 temperature/fan speed settings
  • libnaoqi
    • Fix #3849: Choregraphe should clean Temporary files at shutdown
  • HAL
    • Fix #6161 Change current limit 1.15/1.5 for roll/pitch for maxon and 1.26/1.75 for portescape
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #6616: Boxes are removed from box library when drag-n-dropped to the diagram (mac64 only)
    • Fix #6606 ‘Stand up’ box is not symmetric.
    • Fix #6583 Sounds are now recorded in /home/nao/recordings/microphones instead of /home/nao/recordedSounds
    • Fix #6496 Endless walk stand up
    • Fix #6265 WalkTo and WalkForward boxes do not use stopWalk function
    • Fix #6115 Choregraphe crashes with the webpage “Test” button in Japanese
    • Fix #6200 license key can now be registered by machine
    • Fix FS#6127: Choregraphe no longer works on Mac after ‘sudo port select python python26’
    • Fix #5992 Choregraphe menu bar: no shortcut for Connection, Box library or View

1.12 – Public release

  • NAOqi
    • Fix #5795 NAO 4: heat on shoulder pitch
    • Fix #5879 Inertial unit send more ‘nacks’ than before, causing false positives for fall manager
  • Monitor
    • Fix #5905 Camera Monitor: notify users that fps are limited
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #5906 Persistent data: passwd does not move shadow file, ensure that passwords are kept after software update.
  • Hal
    • Fix #5881 HipYaw pitch overheating
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #3520 The hand slider is not precise enough
    • Fix #5774 Crash Choregraphe when attached file is too big
    • Fix #5235 Default IP changed from “localhost” to “”
    • Fix #4939 When setting a default behavior from a Choregraphe 1.12 on a NAOqi 1.10, it is not played on start-up
    • Fix #4664 Prevent from zooming in the motion timeline outside the timeline editor - RC1

  • NAOqi
    • Fix #5476 Sentinel: Emergency stiffness removal does not work when system menu is activated
    • Fix #2065 Missing Portuguese and Korean Chest button translations
    • Fix #5158 interaction problem between animation-mode and fallmanager
  • NAOqi - Core
    • Fix #5225 Launch python modules and executables from autoload.ini
  • NAOqi - Motion
    • Fix #5300 Instabilities when walking backwards
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #5562 videoMonitor is at 5fps
    • Fix #5188 After a few PLAY / STOP in the video monitor of choregraphe, the video can not retrieved anymore.
    • Fix #5156 ALBehaviorManager - runBehavior doesn’t work on a sub behavior anymore
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #4978 on V4 /media/internal is not persistent
    • Fix #143, #4022 DFU v2
    • Fix #4428 infrared remote discovery not terminating on the webpage - Beta2

  • NAOqi - Audio
    • Fix #5179 xRemoveBrackets segfaults
  • NAOqi - Core
    • Fix #4474, #4825, #4359, #4940 : deadlock or crashes when connecting/deconnecting brokers
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #4696, #3788, #4969, #4234: cleaning of e-mail boxes
    • Fix #4836 Video acquisition continued even if video monitor widget is closed
    • Fix #5074 Crash in ALBehaviorManager
    • Fix #4836 fix the pause/resume video process at initialisation
  • Choregraphe - Boxes
    • Fix #4973 MP3 files: late and incomplete playing => modify the tooltip
    • Fix #4392 IR Send Key box: cannot enter custom remote control config. name
  • .Net SDK
    • New #4766 Suppoprt using TTS in Japanese - Beta1

  • Motion/DCM
    • Fix #3957 - FS#5841 Motion and DCM can be used at the same time on different joints, but when changing from using DCM on a joint to using motion, the user is required to set stiffness to zero during the transition.
    • Fix #3313 - FS#5158 RHipYawPitch does not respond. Workaround: RHipYawPitch and LHipYawPitch are the 2 names of the same joint, use LHipYawPitch to control the hips.
  • Audio
    • Fix #3952 - FS#5836 Synchronous call to say or playFile from a remote python script are regularly not returning.
  • Network
    • Fix #3853 - FS#5728 The connection is not stable with Wifi roaming (related bug FS#5379).
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #3744 - FS#5609 Choice box does not work in Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.
  • NAOqi
    • Fix #2720 - FS#4471 Instability issues (related bugs: FS#4384, FS#3896, FS#117).
    • Fix #1158 - FS#1824 When compiling modules in debug mode for C++ projects, many warnings occur.
  • NAOqi - Audio
    • Fix #2505 - FS#4245 Synchronization issue between music and move.
  • NAO
    • Fix #2065 - FS#3764 if NAO is not set in English or French, when pressing his chest button, he cannot pronounce properly the sentence.
  • NAOqi - ALMemory
    • Fix #1720 - FS#3213 Choregraphe may consider that a behavior is still running although it is finished.
  • Languages compatibility
    • Fix #1276 - FS#2235 Python scripts: The float values are truncated on French Linux OS.