SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Known issues

  • Bug #46610 Association error: No internet connection displayed in Robot Settings when logging NAO to SoftBank Robotics account.


    Make sure the robot is connected to the Internet and reboot the robot.

  • Bug #44179 Fallback issue in Japanese: the robot doesn’t react to his name.

  • Bug #41607 False positive on NAO’s hands when fingers or wrist move.


    Application developers should use touch sensors on NAO’s hands with care. Due to false positives, applications may not work as expected.


    Use at least 2 tactile sensors from the hands to detect user feedback.

  • Bug #40836 Unexpected number of frames.
  • Bug #41474 NAO V6 do not say a sentence in Zone 1 on Japanese.
  • Bug #41408 Robot Settings Missing translations for tool-tips and drop down lists.
  • Bug #41175 The robot does not speak after loading/activating a topic that contains a recover rule.
  • Bug #40714 Robot falls with a moveTo at Max config.
  • Bug #41497 Robot can’t walk on carpet without falling.
  • Bug #40714 Robot falls with a moveTo at Max config.
  • Bug #37052 Obstacle avoidance box does not work on NAO.


    Use ALNavigation.navigateTo instead.

  • Bug #40321 Choregraphe fails to connect to real robot through Ethernet.

  • Bug #40125 When no human, getEngagedHuman throws instead of returning null.

  • Bug #40988 ALNavigation service sometimes fail to load.

  • Bug #40950 Large dynamic concepts take up to 1 min to load.


    Be aware that adding too many items in a Dynamic concept will affect loading duration; For instance, loading a Dynamic concept containing thousands of sentences may take several minutes.

  • Bug #41022 After a firmware update, the LEDs are not functional.


    Reboot the robot.

  • Bug #41084 The key “ChestButtonPressed” doesn’t exist in ALMemory if the button has never been pressed.

  • Bug #41196 goToPosture returns true when it shouldn’t.


    Do not stop the robotposture call.

  • Bug #40054 Undesired emergency shutdown.
  • Bug #39965 -nao restart command is not shutting down and restarted as in 2.5.
  • Bug #40709 NAO says ‘My battery will soon need charging’ when charger is connected.
  • Bug #39977 Robot connected through Ethernet and WiFI - Unplug Ethernet - Robot view and Video monitor frozen.
  • Bug #39354, #39356 Python - qi.SingleThreaded() default behavior not consistent with documentation.
  • Bug #39594 ALAudioDeviceProxy::getLeftMicEnergy and ALAudioDeviceProxy::getLeftMicEnergy do not work.
  • Bug #40939 qiLog crash when the disk partition is full.
  • Bug #40030 Bottom camera error when trying to wake up.
  • Bug #40498 UI Manager doesn’t respond after a naoqi restart or a kill of naoqi-bin.
  • Bug #40456 ALTabletService.playVideo timeouts on a missing remote file.
  • Bug #40455 Touch the screen while a video is playing freezes or stops the video.
  • Bug #40447 Javascript alert does not work in webview.
  • Bug #40316 Call to ALTabletService.hideWebview may take up to 20s.
  • Bug #40309 ANR in uimanager after a long run.
  • Bug #40042 Getting Starting Wizard error after 2.7.0 -> 2.7.1 upgrade.
  • Bug #40025 After factory reset from boot-config, tablet cannot connect to robot.
  • Bug #39870 Tablet Browser is not responding (ANR) on the bubbles screen.
  • Bug #39853 During the brightness change from the Webpage, the Tablet screen is zoomed and dimmed.
  • Bug #39909 ALBasicAwareness - Robot crash and dump generated after multiple reboot tablet.
  • Bug #39584 ALMood - on robots equipped with stereo cameras, excitement doesn’t switch to calm.
  • Bug #40192 Critical Issue with ASR & Dialog when changing language.

    ALSpeechRecognitionProxy::setLanguage and ALDialogProxy::setLanguage must not be called at the same time as any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method.


    If the problem occurs, reboot the robot.

    To avoid this issue, make sure your application does not try to set the language while any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method is running.

  • Bug #38698 Japanese only: execution of ^sCall and pau=xis not done in the right order.

  • Bug #38138 Available ASR languages list is not updated when uninstalling a language.


    Reboot the robot.

  • Bug #36599 tts.say(stringToSay, language) does not use default voice for the first sentence after changing the language.


    Force change the voice.

  • Bug #33285 Topic containing this word “終始” doesn’t work.

  • Bug #39324 Deadlock on ALTextToSpeech.reset().
  • Bug #38114 Virtual robots cannot run services written in Python.
  • Bug #39221 Faking to stop an app stops the robot movement but not the app.


    Maintain your hand long enough to kill properly the application.

  • Bug #38473 Actuation.makeCroppedAnimation does not support Animation which contain a planar move trajectory.

  • Bug #37659 PushRecovery will always put Pepper in Safeguard because body will be a “disabled device”.

  • Bug #38970 stopNavigateTo does not stop robot turn.

  • Bug #36454 The robot’s own movements make the robot think he has been moved, triggering safeguard mode

  • Bug #39339 Variables affected when matching concept are not really affected.
  • Bug #39538 Dialog - Matched functor rules do not raise Dialog/SpeakFailure.
  • Bug #39524 Result of addition of two dates is not printed if superior at year 9999.
  • Bug #39439 Knowledge - meta node url is empty.
  • Bug #39144 ASR active during ALTextToSpeech.say makes LEDs blue while robot is speaking.
  • Bug #39258 If any service crashes without making the robot crash, Choregraphe will not get it back.


    Disconnect Choregraphe from the robot, wait his fully restart, i.e. when he is standing, then reconnect Choregraphe to the robot.

  • Bug #35478 Dialog - Samerule event does not work as expected because dialog is not cleared properly.
  • Bug #35433 qi::sleepUntil mis-behaves on windows



    qi::sleepUntil(currentTime + period);


    auto until = currentTime + period;
                    until - qi::SteadyClock::now()).count()));
  • Bug #37148 Python SDK: a function passed to andThen() is not called if the function has no argument in its signature.
  • Bug #29105 PackageManager can’t handle non-ASCII characters in pm.db.lock file path on Windows.

    Limitation: non ASCII (notably Japanese) characters in user name are not supported on Windows.

  • Bug #36489 NAOqi crash occurs when initializing a robot from boot-config.

  • Bug #38488 In Chinese, Dialog topics with numbers composed of 14+ characters break the ASR when loading.

    Limitation: numbers of more than 14 characters are not supported.

  • Bug #37932 ALServiceManager cannot restart a service, even manually, after package update.

    Workaround: restart NAOqi.

  • Bug #37356 ALUserInfo - Age is automatically updated by a wrong value when try to get it.
  • Bug #37958 Cannot upload an application on Store.
  • Bug #35441 Nuance Remote not always available on first proposal.

  • Bug #35482 ALTextToSpeech.setParameter speed/pitch not working for language Chinese.

    Workaround: to change the pitch, use tag \\vct=XXX\\ (in %).

    Note that setParameter(speed, XXX) changes the speed AND the pitch of the voice. So, to change the speed, use both tags \\rspd=XXX\\\\vct=XXX\\ (in %).

  • Bug #35905 Non-ASCII characters in file path (name or folder) prevent application download on robot.

    Workaround: do not use Non-ASCII characters when naming files or folders in a Project.

  • Bug #35722 When “<>” in TTS.say in Japanese, TTS doesn’t work anymore.

    Workaround: do not insert character string “<>” in any input to be said by Pepper.

  • Bug #22835 Choregraphe - Play Sound File Box: ALAudioPlayer.wait lock randomly.

    Workaround: do not use .MP3 file format, prefer OGG or WAV files.

  • Bug #33227 Frequent remote disconnection.
  • Bug #35927 Choregraphe - “Export Vision Recognition Database” is disabled.
  • Bug #35929 Choregraphe - Cannot send current vision recognition database to the robot.

  • Bug #31812 Vision Recognition - no way to package a VRD in an app.
  • Bug #32835 Photo storage clean up method takes long to perform.
  • Bug #32159 Sound Localization and Detection are blocked after having called ALAudioDevice.setParameter(“outputSampleRate”)
  • Bug #32741 ASR not paused when saying a notification.
  • Bug #30634 Visual tracking takes time to start.

  • Bug #29956 In Japanese keyboard, ‘Backspace’ key adds new characters instead of deleting current.
  • WPA2-Enterprise only experimentally supported.

  • Bug #29336 Choregraphe - Mac only Choregraphe does not detect disconnection.
  • Choregraphe - Arabic may encounter right-to-left edition issues.

  • Bug #22971 MoveAlong only works on Pepper. Planar moves is not yet available for NAO.