Aldebaran documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.4.3?

Known issues

Latest issues

  • Bug #40192 Critical Issue with ASR & Dialog when changing language.

    ALSpeechRecognitionProxy::setLanguage and ALDialogProxy::setLanguage must not be called at the same time as any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method.


    If the problem occurs, reboot the robot.

    To avoid this issue, make sure your application does not try to set the language while any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method is running.

  • Bug #35722 When “<>” in TTS.say in Japanese, TTS doesn’t work anymore.

    Workaround: do not insert character string “<>” in any input to be said by Pepper.

  • Bug #35233 Robot is blocked in dialog because of the use of QiChat ^getUserInfo function.

    Workaround: Use ^hasUserInfo function before ^getUserInfo.

    For example, in your dialog box:

    topic: ~crashing-dialog()
    language: enu
    u:(e:onStart) hello ^first[" ^hasUserInfo(name) ^getUserInfo(name), nice to see you again! " " what is your name? "]

  • Bug #22835 Choregraphe - Play Sound File Box: ALAudioPlayer.wait lock randomly.

    Workaround: do not use .MP3 file format, prefer OGG or WAV files.

  • Bug #31888 No feedback when a user tries to launch non-authorized application while Pepper is on the Charging station.

  • Bug #30597 Device names are not translated at read time.

    Consequences are that if you change language after a notification is raised about an error on a device, the message will be changed correctly to the new language but the names of the devices are not.

  • Bug #31138 Deadlock video-device during application Watchman.

  • Bug #29956 In Japanese keyboard, ‘Backspace’ key adds new characters instead of deleting current.

  • Bug #29562 Robot cannot connect to WiFi at start-up.

  • Bug #29338 Random “CameraBottom” and “CameraTop” error occurs at the boot-start-up.

  • Bug #25393 At start-up, the volume drops to 12 randomly.

  • WPA2-Enterprise only experimentally supported.

  • Bug #29452 Choregraphe - Random crash in the connection process.

  • Bug #29349 Choregraphe - whole body key stored when you use mirror in “”LHipYawPitch”.

  • Bug #29336 Choregraphe - Mac only Choregraphe does not detect disconnection.

  • Bug #29286 Choregraphe - Playsound box can deadlock the robot (rare).

  • Bug #29088 Choregraphe - Non-ascii characters in Windows account name prevent Choregraphe virtual robot to work properly.

  • Bug #29050 Choregraphe - On Mac OS X, sometimes, on empty Timelines, the contextual menu does not works properly.

    Workaround: add a behavior layer (you can leave it empty), then get out and re-enter the Timeline.

  • Bug #28646 Choregraphe - Edition of old timelines is broken.

  • Bug #23311 Choregraphe - Reset View does not work on mac.

  • Choregraphe - Arabic may encounter right-to-left edition issues.

  • Bug #25614 Parameters of the box “Set external anti-collision” need reworking.
  • Bug #22971 MoveAlong only works on Pepper. Planar moves is not yet available for NAO.
  • Bug #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage (NAO V4).