Aldebaran documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.4.3?

Known issues

Latest issues

  • Bug #35722 When “<>” in TTS.say in Japanese, TTS doesn’t work anymore.

    Workaround: do not insert character string “<>” in any input to be said by Pepper.

  • Bug #35233 Robot is blocked in dialog because of the use of QiChat ^getUserInfo function.

    Workaround: Use ^hasUserInfo function before ^getUserInfo.

    For example, in your dialog box:

    topic: ~crashing-dialog()
    language: enu
    u:(e:onStart) hello ^first[" ^hasUserInfo(name) ^getUserInfo(name), nice to see you again! " " what is your name? "]

  • Bug #22835 Choregraphe - Play Sound File Box: ALAudioPlayer.wait lock randomly.

    Workaround: do not use .MP3 file format, prefer OGG or WAV files.

  • Bug #31888 No feedback when a user tries to launch non-authorized application while Pepper is on the Charging station.

  • Bug #30597 Device names are not translated at read time.

    Consequences are that if you change language after a notification is raised about an error on a device, the message will be changed correctly to the new language but the names of the devices are not.

  • Bug #31138 Deadlock video-device during application Watchman.

  • Bug #29956 In Japanese keyboard, ‘Backspace’ key adds new characters instead of deleting current.

  • Bug #29562 Robot cannot connect to WiFi at start-up.

  • Bug #29338 Random “CameraBottom” and “CameraTop” error occurs at the boot-start-up.

  • Bug #25393 At start-up, the volume drops to 12 randomly.

  • WPA2-Enterprise only experimentally supported.

  • Bug #29452 Choregraphe - Random crash in the connection process.

  • Bug #29349 Choregraphe - whole body key stored when you use mirror in “”LHipYawPitch”.

  • Bug #29336 Choregraphe - Mac only Choregraphe does not detect disconnection.

  • Bug #29286 Choregraphe - Playsound box can deadlock the robot (rare).

  • Bug #29088 Choregraphe - Non-ascii characters in Windows account name prevent Choregraphe virtual robot to work properly.

  • Bug #29050 Choregraphe - On Mac OS X, sometimes, on empty Timelines, the contextual menu does not works properly.

    Workaround: add a behavior layer (you can leave it empty), then get out and re-enter the Timeline.

  • Bug #28646 Choregraphe - Edition of old timelines is broken.

  • Bug #23311 Choregraphe - Reset View does not work on mac.

  • Choregraphe - Arabic may encounter right-to-left edition issues.

  • Bug #25614 Parameters of the box “Set external anti-collision” need reworking.
  • Bug #22971 MoveAlong only works on Pepper. Planar moves is not yet available for NAO.
  • Bug #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage (NAO V4).