Launch trigger conditions

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When Life is running on a robot, in solitary state, Activities with launch trigger conditions can be started automatically.

These conditions can be set in the manifest of the Choregrahe behavior of the activity. Refer to the Choregraphe documentation for editing manifest of behaviors. To write them, use events and an expression language. For further details, see: Launch trigger conditions - Event list and Conditions expression language.

Launch trigger conditions - Event list

About people and movements

Key Name Type Explanation
Launchpad/NumPeopleZone1 int The number of people detected in zone 1
Launchpad/NumPeopleZone2 int The number of people detected in zone 2
Launchpad/NumPeopleZone3 int The number of people detected in zone 3
Launchpad/NumMotionZone1 int The number of moving objects detected in zone 1
Launchpad/NumMotionZone2 int The number of moving objects detected in zone 2
Launchpad/NumMotionZone3 int The number of moving objects detected in zone 3
Launchpad/WavingDetection int 0 while no waving is detected, 1 while waving is detected
Launchpad/PeopleNotSeen bool True when PeoplePerception/VisiblePeopleList is empty
Launchpad/SameTrackedHuman bool
True as long as the same person is being tracked.
Momentarily false when the tracked person changes.
The tracked person is determined by BasicAwareness.
Launchpad/ZoneOfTrackedHuman int The zone that the tracked person is in. 1, 2, or 3. 0 if no one is tracked.
Launchpad/TrackedHumanIsLookingAtRobot bool True when the tracked person is looking at the robot.

About battery information

Key Name Type Explanation
Launchpad/BatteryLevel int A number in the set [0, 5]
Launchpad/BatteryStatus string Critical, Low, Half, Full

About hardware information

Key Name Type Explanation
Launchpad/RobotType string nao, romeo

About the posture of the robot

Key Name Type Explanation
Launchpad/PostureFamily string One of the Posture family.
Launchpad/Posture string One of the Posture.
Launchpad/RobotFellRecently bool True if the robot has fallen within the last 13 seconds

About the temperature of the joints of the robot

Key Name Type Explanation
Launchpad/TemperatureStatus string
Complete temperature health of the robot.
Cold, Warm, Hot, Critical
Launchpad/HighestTemperature float The highest temperature found on the robot, in Celsius.
Launchpad/HighestJoint string
The name of the hottest joint.
HeadYaw, HeadPitch, LShoulderPitch, LShoulderRoll, LElbowYaw, LElbowRoll,
LWristYaw, LHand, RShoulderPitch, RShoulderRoll, RElbowYaw, RElbowRoll,
RWristYaw, RHand, LHipRoll, LHipYawPitch, LHipPitch, LKneePitch, LAnkleRoll,
LAnklePitch, RHipRoll, RHipYawPitch, RHipPitch, RKneePitch, RAnkleRoll, RAnklePitch

Additonal information about NAO’s Joints.

About time

Key Name Type Example Value
Launchpad/Year int 2013
Launchpad/Month int 1
Launchpad/MonthName string January
Launchpad/Day int 0
Launchpad/DayName string Sunday
Launchpad/Date int 12
Launchpad/Hour int 14
Launchpad/Minute int 42
Launchpad/Week int 2

About activity history

General Keys Type Explanation
Launchpad/LifeTime int The time in seconds since Autonomous Life module has loaded
Launchpad/State string

The current state of Autonomous Life.

Can be one of the Autonomous Life states.

Launchpad/PreviousState string

The previous state of Autonomous Life.

Can be one of the Autonomous Life states.

Note, it is possible for the previous state to equal the current state if the current state was re-entered.

Launchpad/FocusedActivity string

The currently focused activity.

Note, if no activity is running, this will be an empty string (“”)

Launchpad/PreviousActivity string

The previously focused activity.

Note, “” (no activity running) is not considered for PreviousActivity

To have condition on the time since your application was last focused, follow this pattern: (('Launchpad/FocusedActivity' != "my_attractions/child_attraction1") ~ 60)

For the following, replace myPackageUUID and myActivityPath with the corresponding values from your Activity’s manifest data.

Per Activity Keys Type Explanation
Launchpad/FocusCount/myPackageUUID/myActivityPath int The count of how many occasions this activity has been focused.

Other events

You can also use the events raised by the extractors running in solitary state:

Conditions expression language

* Expression grammar:
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
*   - Parenthesis ()
*   - Constant int: 1
*   - Constant floats: 1.5, 1e4
*   - Constant strings: double-quoted: "foo", "bar"
*   - ALMemory keys: unquoted or quoted if having a slash / : key12, 'motion/foo'
*       A key can be used anywhere a constant or list can be used.
*       Be careful about the data types of your keys.
*   - Index a list key: 'motion/foo'[2]
*   - Lists: [1, 2, foo]
*   - Mathematical, logical operators: + - / * % && || == <= < >= > ! !=
*   - Function calls:
*        substr("canard", 1, 3) returns "ana"
*        strlen("coin") returns 4
*        type("foo") returns "String".  Other types: Invalid, Array, Bool, Int, Float, String
*        size([1,2,3]) returns 3
*        concat("a", "b") returns "ab"
*   - ~ operator: Requires condition to be true for given duration in seconds
*       to trigger: "(soundVolume < 1) ~ 1".
*   - subsets operator:
*       True example: [1, 2] subsets [1, 2, 3, 4]
*       True example: 1 subsets [1, 2, 3, 4]
*   - intersects operator:
*       True example: [4, 5, 6] intersects [1, 2, 3, 4]
*       True example: [4, 5, 6] intersects 5
* Order of Operations (highest precedence operation listed first, items on same line have equal precedence):
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
*   []
*   !
*   ~
*   subsets, intersects
*   *, /, %
*   +, -
*   <, <=, >, >=
*   ==, !=
*   &&
*   ||

Example of a launch trigger condition

A condition for a solitary Activity which attracts a human could look like this:

('Launchpad/NumPeopleZone2' >= 1) ~ 3

There is at least one person detected in zone 2 of ALEngagementZones for at least 3 seconds.