NAOqi PeoplePerception - Overview | API

3d This module requires a robot with a 3D sensor.

What it does

ALWavingDetection allows you to detect if a person is moving his/her arms in order to catch the robot’s attention (for example waving at the robot).

How it works

After detecting the people around the robot with the module ALPeoplePerception, it is possible to detect the movement of each of the people. Then by comparing the positions of these movements with respect to the body of the person, we can find which parts of the body are moving. Using some filtering algorithms, only meaningful movements are kept. For example, a person is considered as waving to the robot only if he/she is looking at the robot and if his whole body is not moving.

It is possible to filter the detected wavings depending on the size and the distance of the movement, using the parameters MinSize and MaxDistance. If a waving has a size smaller than MinSize or at a distance bigger than MaxDistance, it will not be detected. The theshold values for these two parameters can be changed with the functions ALWavingDetectionProxy::setMinSize() and ALWavingDetectionProxy::setMaxDistance().