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Cheat sheet

Rule syntax Example
Create a topic topic: ~name topic: ~introduction
Add a robot proposal proposal: proposal: speak to me
Add a Human input u:(...) u:(what is your name) my name is nao
Add a private human input u:^private(...) u:^private(what are we talking about?) we are talking about cooking
Add a list of possible words (or) [] u:(i like [chicken fish]) i like it too
Add an answer Answer follows input u:(input) answer
Add a sentence quote u:([“i like it” “i really love it”]) i like it too
Add a list of optional words {} u:(i feel {very quite} well) nice
Assign a variable $variable=xxx u:(my name is david) i store your name $name=david
Display a variable $variable u:(what is my name) your name is $name
Condition $variable==xxx u:(is my name david) [“$name==david yes” “no it is $name”]
Input selection as variable _xxx u:(my name is _[david robert]) your name is $1
Subrules u1: u2: u3: u:(ask me a question) do you like fish u1:(yes) it’s good for health u1:(no) i prefer meat
Event e:Variable u:([e:faceDetected “hello”]) Hello human!
Comment # # commented line
Wildcard (any word) * u:(i * love you) i love you too # match i really love you
Concept ~ u:(~i love you) me too # match i, me, i am
Forbidden word (word that unmatch) !word u:(i !not love you) i love you # i not love you will no match the rule
Repeat the last answer $Dialog/Answered u:(what did you say before) I said $Dialog/Answered
Repeat the last user input $dialog/LastInput u:(I Love you) $Dialog/LastInput too