SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Interacting with Pepper

Talking with Pepper


Autonomous Life: ON

To chat with Pepper:

Step Action

Make sure Pepper is listening to you:

  • When Pepper is listening, his shoulders are blue.
  • When he is not listening, his shoulders are off.
Say a short sentence, in one go.


  • What can I say?


  • Pepper says nothing, why?

    If Pepper has not understood what you said, he starts listening again.

    ... Repeat louder or try another sentence.

  • Pepper starts talking before I finished, why?

    Pauses are interpreted as the end of the sentence.

    ... Speak loud and clear, without hesitation.

  • Pepper doesn’t listen, what can I do?

    ... Get close enough, in front of him, try to catch his gaze.

Calling Pepper


Autonomous Life: ON

When Pepper has not yet seen you, or is not close enough to be fully listening, he may, however, understand a few words.

Speaking loud enough to be heard, call Pepper with one of the following sentences:

English Japanese Effect
“Pepper” 「ペッパー」 Pepper has a small reaction.
“Hello”, “Hi”





Pepper has a small reaction.
“Come Here”, “Come Closer” 「こっち来て」、「こっちおいで 」、「ちょっと来て」

If Pepper is able to see you, he asks for confirmation.

If you confirm, Pepper comes closer.

“Pepper Come Here”, “Pepper Come Closer” 「ペッパーこっち来て」、「ペッ パーこっちおいで」、「ペッパー ちょっと来て」 If Pepper is able to see you, he comes closer.

How Pepper detects humans

Pepper tries, as much as possible, to establish and keep eye contact with people around.

To do so, Pepper:

Step Action
Looks in the direction of any detected stimulus - sound, movement, touch.

Checks if this stimulus may correspond to a human.

  • If a human is detected, Pepper tries to keep eye contact with him/her,
  • If not, Pepper goes back to his previous occupation.


Pepper does not react to new stimulus:

  • When processing a stimulus (i.e. checking if it corresponds to a human).

    Pepper does not react to other stimuli until he has finished to process the first one.

  • When engaged in an Activity or a Dialog.

    When Pepper is chatting with a human, he always keeps tracking the human until the human has left.

    When Pepper is in the middle of an Activity, all his actions are exclusively defined by the Activity itself.