NAOqi Sensors - Overview | API | Tutorial

What it does

ALInfrared allows IR (Infra-Red) communication with the robot. It has 3 different purposes:

  • use the robot as a remote control,
  • set the robot to receive orders from a remote control,
  • make several robots communicate together (not recommended).

How it works

ALInfrared works with “Linux Infrared Remote Control” (LIRC) in order to emit/receive IR (Infra-Red) remote keys or to emit/receive IR information to/from another robot.

Performance and Limitations

  • ALInfrared only works on the robot. You can’t use it on a local NAOqi.
  • Using infra-red to make two robots communicate with each other is generally ill-advised: wifi allows communication with greater range and throughput and without line-of-sight restriction.

Getting started

To implement an IR communication:

  1. Find or create the configuration file of the remote control you want to use.

    For further details, see sections: Search configuration file for remote Controls.

  2. Add and enable the configuration file of the remote control in the robot settings.

    For further details, see sections: Add or remove remote Controls and Enable or disable remote controls.

  3. Check Key names, in order to be able to use them when programming.

    For further details, see sections: Check Remote/Keys name.

  4. Use Choregraphe Communication > Infrared Boxes or the bound methods of ALInfrared module.

    For further details, see section: ALInfrared Tutorial.