ALSystem API

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Namespace : AL

#include <alproxies/alsystemproxy.h>


std::string ALSystemProxy::robotName()

Get robot name. For further details, see: Settings.

Returns:the robot name
AL::ALValue ALSystemProxy::robotIcon()

Get the content of the robot icon file, as set in the web page Settings.

Returns:a buffer containing the robot icon
bool ALSystemProxy::setRobotName(const std::string& name)

Set robot name. This will raise ALSystem/RobotNameChanged().

  • name – Name to use.

True if successful, false otherwise.

void ALSystemProxy::shutdown()

Shut down the robot after going to safety position using ALMotionProxy::rest().

void ALSystemProxy::reboot()

Reboot the robot after going to safety position using ALMotionProxy::rest().

std::string ALSystemProxy::systemVersion()

Get NAOqi OS version currently run by the robot.

Returns:the version of NAOqi OS
std::string ALSystemProxy::timezone()

Get timezone currently used by the robot.

Returns:Current timezone.
bool ALSystemProxy::setTimezone(const std::string& timezone)

Set timezone.

  • timezone – Timezone to use.

True if successful, false otherwise.

int ALSystemProxy::freeMemory()

Amount of available memory in heap.

Returns:Number of kb free on the heap.
int ALSystemProxy::totalMemory()

Amount of total memory in heap.

Returns:Number of total kb on the heap.
std::vector<AL::PartitionInfo> ALSystemProxy::diskFree(bool all)

Display free disk space.

  • all – Show all mount points, including /proc, /dev, /sys.

A vector containing all information about the PartitionInfo.

std::string ALSystemProxy::previousSystemVersion()

Previous system version before software update (empty if this is not the 1st boot after a software update).

Returns:Previous system version before software update.
void ALSystemProxy::changePassword(const std::string& old, const std::string& new)

Change the user password on the robot. This password is required to login into system services such as: webpage, ssh, and ftp.

  • old – The old password.
  • new – The new password.


Event: "ALSystem/RobotNameChanged"
callback(std::string eventName, const std::string& name, std::string subscriberIdentifier)

Raised when ALSystemProxy::setRobotName() is successfully called.

  • eventName (std::string) – “ALSystem/RobotNameChanged”
  • name – the new name of the robot.
  • subscriberIdentifier (std::string) –