ALResourceManager Tutorial

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This tutorial explains how to use the ALResourceManager module.


The tutorial is written in Python.

Create a resource

# create proxy on resource manager
proxy = ALProxy("ALResourceManager","localhost",9559)

#createResource in root (parent resource is "")

Check if a resource is available

#check resource is free
free = proxy.areResourcesFree(["newResource"])

Wait resource become available (blocking call)

# take resource
# acquireResource(resource name, owner name, callback to notify you that someone want the resource, timeout)
proxy.acquireResource("newResource", "myFooModule", "", 1)

Callbacks on conflict

class MyFooModule:
  def myFooCallback(self, resource, currentOwner):
    #decide what to do with the ressource.
    #either call releaseResource or pass
    if iwanttoreleasetheresource:
      releaseResource(resource, currentOwner)

# alternatively, you can specify a callback on myFooModule as third parameter that will be called in case of conflict.
proxy.acquireResource("newResource", "MyFooModule", "myFooCallback", 1)

Release resource taken with waitForResource

#release resource
proxy.releaseResource("newResource", "myFooModule")