What is a Behavior

A Behavior is a set of instructions that can be sent or installed on the robot.
It can then be executed in order to make NAO talk, walk, dance, play a sound, etc.

The set of instructions is represented by boxes which are sequentially or simultaneously executed.

How to manage Behaviors

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Create a Behavior

How to create a Behavior, for a quick start and

the Flow diagram Panel for further details.

Play or stop a Behavior

How to play a Behavior, for a quick start and

the Behavior manager panel for further details.

Save a Behavior on your computer Save it in a Project file.
Manage Behaviors installed on the robot Behavior manager panel.

Are behavior and box the same thing

Somehow a behavior can even be considered as a box which:

  • is named root.
  • is a Flow diagram box, so is basically built-up with boxes linked to each other.
  • is launchable since it has an onStart input (at the top left of the Flow diagram) which is called when you play the behavior.
  • is stoppable.
  • has an onStopped output by default (at the top right of the Flow diagram) which unloads the behavior when it is called.
  • has no Parameter.
The main difference rests with the fact that most editable elements of a box are not editable for a behavior.
You can only modify: