Behavior manager panel

What is the Behavior manager panel

The Behavior manager panel enables you to install, uninstall, play and stop behaviors on the robot you are connected to.


The table below describes the main parts of the Behavior manager panel:

Part Name Allows you to ...
A Toolbar Manage the list of the Behaviors installed on the robot.
B Behaviors

Know which behaviors are currently installed on the robot.

The .currentChoregrapheBehavior is the current Behavior, temporarly installed and immediately executed when you click the play-button Play button.

C Execution Control the execution of each installed Behavior.
D Default Select the behaviors to play automatically at NAO startup.

Behavior manager panel functionalities


Button Click on this button to ...
../../../_images/behavior_manager_open.png Open the behavior selected in the list of installed behaviors in Choregraphe.
../../../_images/behavior_manager_add_current.png Install the current opened behavior on your robot.
../../../_images/behavior_manager_delete.png Uninstall the behavior selected in the list of installed behaviors.
../../../_images/behavior_manager_stop_all.png Stop all behaviors that are currently running on the robot. It is useful if you have executed a behavior at startup for example and you do not have control over it.


To install a Behavior directly from your computer:

Drag and drop a CRG file or the directory of a behavior into the Behavior manager panel.

Execution status

Button Means that the behavior is ... Click on this button to ...
../../../_images/behavior_manager_play_one.png not running Play the behavior
../../../_images/behavior_manager_loading.png loading  
../../../_images/behavior_manager_stop_one.png running Stop the behavior
../../../_images/behavior_manager_unloading.png unloading  

Setting default behaviors

A default behavior is a behavior which is automatically played at NAO startup.

The checkbox column enables you to set a behavior as default.

Button Function
../../../_images/behavior_manager_default_not_checked.png Not checked: the behavior is not set as default.
../../../_images/behavior_manager_default_checked.png Checked: the behavior is set as default. It will then be automatically executed at NAO startup.


You can also name a behavior .default to set it automatically as default behavior.


You can play and set as default several behaviors simultaneously. But the behaviors needs to be compatible. For example a behavior making NAO sit down and another making him walk are not compatible. Please set the resources of your boxes to avoid conflicts between simultaneous behaviors (see How to set resources of a box).