Flow diagram box

What is a Flow diagram box

A Flow diagram box is a box which includes a script and a Flow diagram.


Creating a Flow diagram box can be useful to encapsulate other boxes into a unique behavior.

A Flow diagram box may contain boxes which in turn may also contain boxes. And all these boxes can be connected to each other, thus creating a complex and structured behavior.

This enables you to organize your behavior with several levels, each level corresponding to the diagram of a box.

How to create a Flow diagram box

To create a Flow diagram box:

Step Action

Right-click on the Flow diagram wherever you want to create the box and choose Add a new Box.

The Create a new box menu is displayed.

Add a Name and a Tooltip for your box.
Optional: set the picture to recognize it among other boxes in your diagram.

Optional: set parameters, inputs and outputs that can be manipulated by the box.

For further details about parameters, see How to add/remove inputs, outputs, parameters in a box section.

In the box type part, select Flow diagram.

Click the Ok button.

The created Flow diagram box is displayed on the diagram.

Double click your box to get into it and edit the inner Flow diagram.