Choregraphe overview


What is it

Choregraphe is a multi-platform desktop application.

It allows you to:

  • Create animations and behaviors,
  • Test them on a simulated robot, or directly on a real one,
  • Monitor and control NAO.

Choregraphe allows you to create very complex behaviors (e.g. interaction with people, dance, send e-mails, etc...), without writing a single line of code. In addition, it allows you to add your own Python code to a Choregraphe behavior.

Choregraphe and NAOqi

What can I do in Choregraphe that I cannot using SDK

Choregraphe eases the interaction with NAOqi. With it you can quickly create animations and programs for your NAO that would be way longer to do with NAOqi alone.

What can I do using SDK that I cannot in Choregraphe

You can access all the API of NAOqi via Choregraphe, therefore everything that is possible in NAOqi is possible with Choregraphe.

On the other hand, behaviors programmed with the Choregraphe language are slower at execution time than they would be if written in C++ (see C++ SDK) or Python (see Python SDK).