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ALAutonomousMoves API

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This module is deprecated and most of its functionalities were moved to new modules: ALBackgroundMovement and ALListeningMovement.

Namespace : AL


void ALAutonomousMovesProxy::setExpressiveListeningEnabled(const bool& enabled)

Deprecated since version 2.4: use ALListeningMovementProxy::setEnabled instead.

Enables or disables the expressive listening.

param enabled:Whether or not to enable or disable the expressive listening.
void ALAutonomousMovesProxy::getExpressiveListeningEnabled()

Deprecated since version 2.4: use ALListeningMovementProxy::isEnabled instead.

Gets if the expressive listening is enabled.

return:True if the expressive listening is enabled, False otherwise.
void ALAutonomousMovesProxy::setBackgroundStrategy(const std::string& stategy)

Deprecated since version 2.4: use ALBackgroundMovementProxy::setEnabled instead.

Sets the backround posture strategy.

param strategy:The backround posture strategy (“none” or “backToNeutral”).
void ALAutonomousMovesProxy::getBackgroundStrategy()

Deprecated since version 2.4: use ALBackgroundMovementProxy::isEnabled instead.

Gets the backround posture strategy.

return:The backround posture strategy (“none” or “backToNeutral”).