SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.5?


Charger specifications

Charger input voltage Minimum Maximum Nominal (rated)
Low range 90 vac 140 vac 100 vac
High range 180v ac 265v ac 240v ac

Output: 29,2 V DC - 8A

Battery specifications

Battery type LITHIUM-ION
Max. Charge Voltage (battery) 29.4V
Nominal Voltage 26.46V
Charging Method Constant Current / Constant Voltage
Max. Charge Current 8A
Typ. Capacity 30Ah
Energy 795 Wh
Minimum Capacity 29.5Ah
Cycle Life

Min. 300 ≥ 20.65Ah (70% of the capacity at 25°)

Expected 1000 ≥ 70% of the capacity at 25°C

Current use in Active Mode Max. 3.5mA (battery electronic)
Current use in Stand-by Mode Max. 850μA (battery electronic)

Current use in power down

Mode (V<2.5V per cell)

Max. 50μA (battery electronic)
Operating Temperature

For Charging: 0 to + 50°C

For Discharge: 0 to + 50°C

The battery is thermal protected and interrupts charge / discharge when temperature limits violated

ESD (EN 61000-4-2 / 12.2009)

8 kV air discharge

4 kV contact discharge

Pepper can be used while it is plugged in with the adapter. But the battery will charge only if Pepper is powered off and plugged to its adapter.

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