Aldebaran documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.4.3?

qi application arguments

When you use qi::Application or qi::ApplicationsSession in your application, it automatically interprets some arguments and environment variables.


--qi-log-context and QI_LOG_CONTEXT

Set the context to print with logs, see Context for values.

--qi-log-level and QI_LOG_LEVEL

Set the level of logging, see Level for values.


Enable or disable log coloring. Possible values are: auto, always, never.

--qi-log-filters and QI_LOG_FILTERS

Enable log filtering, see Category filtering for syntax.

--qi-sdk-prefix and QI_SDK_PREFIX

Prefix where to search for modules and libraries, see Handling Paths Guide for more details.



Url to connect to, for example: tcp://localhost:9559.


Url to listen for, for example: tcp://localhost:9559.


Start a standalone session. This will start a listening session with a ServiceDirectory.