How to connect Choregraphe to a simulated robotΒΆ

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To connect Choregraphe to:

  • the simulated robot included in Choregraphe:

    In Choregraphe, choose Connection > Connect to a local NAOqi menu.

  • an external simulated robot:



    Launch NAOqi by double clicking on naoqi/naoqi-bin in your installation folder.

    In Choregraphe, choose Connection > Connect to... in the menu bar

    or click on the connect-button Connect to button in the tool bar.

    In the Connection widget:

    • if the simulated robot appears in the list, double click it,
    • if not, set the IP address to and port to 9559 and click the Connect to button.
  • a simulated robot evolving in a virtual world:

    See Webots for NAO documentation about Launching a simulated robot and Connecting Choregraphe to the simulated robot.