How to update NAO system

To update NAO system, choose carefully between these two methods:

If your robot ... Then choose a ...

is booting normally

and you need to:

  • restore the current release or
  • upgrade it

is not booting normally

or you would like to downgrade the current release

  • Complete update in a rescue mode, using NAOFlasher with Factory Reset.

Simple update via Choregraphe

no-virtual Cannot be tested on a simulated robot.

Step Action

Retrieve the NAO system image:

  • opennao-atom-system-image-1.14.[x].opn for NAO V4, or
  • opennao-geode-system-image-1.14.[x].gz for NAO V3.x.

You can download the latest release from the Aldebaran Community Website.

Make sure that NAO is plugged to its charger all along the system update process.
In Choregraphe, choose Connection > Advanced > Update NAO system.

Select the NAO system image to upload.

The image will then be uploaded through FTP on the robot.


Do not switch the robot off while the flashing process is running.


If something goes wrong during the upload, and Choregraphe ends it prematurely, an error code is given in the pop-up.

for further information see: NAO system update error code.

Once the upload has finished, shutdown your robot, as requested.
To perform and monitor the upgrade, see: Launching the upgrade.