simulator-sdk  1.14.5
Simulator-sdk Documentation


Simulator-SDK is released with the following libraries: ALRobotModel ALNAOsim ALSimUtils

ALRobotModel allows instantiating a robot from a xml file defining it. All of the possible models are provided with this lib.

Once created, the Model will provide information about its skeleton, made of a collection of links (Link) and joints (Joint), their position (given by the Frame class) and how their are connected. It also gives a list of its actuators (Actuator) and its sensors (Sensor) and their position.

ALNAOsim allows interfacing your simulator to NAOqi via the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) of a robot on a desktop. It is multi-platform (Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X). It is intended to be used with the ALRobotModel lib.

ALSimUtils allows creating and destroying the HAL and NAOqi processus easily.

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