Fall manager API

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void ALMotionProxy::setFallManagerEnabled(const bool& enable)

Enable or Disable the fall manager reflex.

If the deactivation of the fall manager is not allowed, it’s not possible to disable this reflex and an exception will be throw. See the fall manager overview for more details.

  • enable – Enable or disable the fall manager reflex.
bool ALMotionProxy::getFallManagerEnabled()

Allow to know if the fall manager reflex is activated.

Returns:Return true is the fall manager reflex is activated.


Event: "robotHasFallen"
callback(std::string eventName, bool val, std::string subscriberIdentifier)

Raised when the fall process have been activated

  • eventName (std::string) – “robotHasFallen”
  • val – always True.
  • subscriberIdentifier (std::string) –