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What it does

ALRobotPosture module allows you to make the robot go to different predefined postures.

You can choose between ALRobotPosture::goToPosture() and ALRobotPosture::applyPosture().

How it works

The robot detects in which posture it is, computes a path from its current posture to its target posture, and applies it.

It is possible to choose the speed for the posture to be applied.



A posture for a robot is a (unique) configuration of its joints and of inertial sensor.

As a posture is defined by a list of real numbers (i.e. floats) there is an infinite number of postures.

Predefined postures

Here is the list of the Predefined Postures: Crouch, LyingBack, LyingBelly, Sit, SitRelax, Stand, StandInit, StandZero.

Stand StandInit StandZero
posture_stand posture_standinit posture_standzero
Crouch Sit SitRelax
posture_crouch posture_sit posture_sitrelax
LyingBelly LyingBack
posture_lyingbelly posture_lyingback


Some postures (like Sit or Lying) are not available for all types of robot (see NAO Body type). Use ALRobotPosture::getPostureList() to retrieve the list of predefined postures available on your robot.

Posture family

As the number of possible postures is infinite, postures are grouped in Posture families in order to ease the interpretation of the current posture.

For example, the posture family Sitting contains the postures SitRelax and Sit as well as all the approaching postures.

Here is the list of posture families:

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • LyingBelly
  • LyingBack
  • LyingLeft
  • LyingRight
  • Belly
  • Back
  • Left
  • Right
  • UpsideDown
  • Kneeling
  • Lifted

Getting started

Python example

# -*- encoding: UTF-8 -*-

import sys

from naoqi import ALProxy

def main(robotIP):

        postureProxy = ALProxy("ALRobotPosture", robotIP, 9559)
    except Exception, e:
        print "Could not create proxy to ALRobotPosture"
        print "Error was: ", e

    postureProxy.goToPosture("StandInit", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("SitRelax", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("StandZero", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("LyingBelly", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("LyingBack", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("Stand", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("Crouch", 1.0)
    postureProxy.goToPosture("Sit", 1.0)

    print postureProxy.getPostureFamily()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    robotIp = ""

    if len(sys.argv) <= 1:
        print "Usage python robotIP (optional default:"
        robotIp = sys.argv[1]