SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Working with a simulated robot

Simulated robots

A simulated robot is a virtual robot running on your computer.
It allows you to test your code before running it on a real robot.

There are several ways to get to a simulated robot:

Using ... Comment
Choregraphe virtual robot

This robot is launched at Choregraphe startup and stopped at Choregraphe closure.

It has the same abilities of a real one but:

  • It is not subjected to the gravity and its torso is always considered as in a straight position (exactly as it is displayed in the Robot View). So it cannot fall and cannot be lied down.
  • Its joints are always considered as stiffened and the stiffness can never be set off.
  • It has no audition functions (speech recognition, recording, etc).
  • It has no audio player functions.
  • It has no LED.
  • You cannot directly interact with it (tactile touch, bumper, etc), yet moving a joint in Robot View is possible.

This simulated robot is dependent of Choregraphe and is not accessible from other applications such as Monitor.

NAOqi binary

This robot has the same abilities as the previous one but is totally independent of Choregraphe.

So it can be connected from any other application (Monitor for example) and can be launched and exited as you wish independently from Choregraphe.