SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.5?

Known issues

To fix a major issue, some fixes have been reverted, so the following issues reappeared in 2.5.11:

  • Bug #35313 Navigation bar displayed in the bottom after used soft keyboard on NAOqi 2.5.
  • Bug #39287 ALTabletService crashes because of null pointer exception after trying to create a cache directory.
  • Bug #38420 Android system UI blackbar is displayed randomly by Tablet Service through tablet browser (reproduced here when a JavaScript alert pop-up).

  • Bug #40192 Critical Issue with ASR & Dialog when changing language.

    ALSpeechRecognitionProxy::setLanguage and ALDialogProxy::setLanguage must not be called at the same time as any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method.


    If the problem occurs, reboot the robot.

    To avoid this issue, make sure your application does not try to set the language while any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method is running.

  • Bug #39571 ALPhotoCapture::takePicture() for Bottom and Top Camera, BGR and 16VGA resolution gives a black picture.
  • Bug #35478 Dialog - Samerule event does not work as expected because dialog is not cleared properly.
  • Bug #37356 ALUserInfo - Age is automatically updated by a wrong value when try to get it.
  • Bug #37958 Cannot upload an application on Store.
  • Bug #34885 ALSystem - reboot() doesn’t work when working with Session.

  • Bug #36453 Choregraphe - Planar move modifications can not be canceled.

  • Bug #35482 ALTextToSpeech.setParameter speed/pitch not working for language Chinese.


    • To change the pitch, use tag \\vct=XXX\\ (in %).
    • Note that setParameter(speed, XXX) changes the speed AND the pitch of the voice. So, to change the speed, use both tags \\rspd=XXX\\\\vct=XXX\\ (in %).
  • Bug #35905 Non-ASCII characters in file path (name or folder) prevent application download on robot.

    Workaround: do not use Non-ASCII characters when naming files or folders in a Project.

  • Bug #35722 When “<>” in TTS.say in Japanese, TTS doesn’t work anymore.

    Workaround: do not insert character string “<>” in any input to be said by Pepper.

  • Bug #22835 Choregraphe - Play Sound File Box: ALAudioPlayer.wait lock randomly.

    Workaround: do not use .MP3 file format, prefer OGG or WAV files.

  • According to its customization via preferences, Pepper may automatically display Settings Menu at start-up. In this case, and when Pepper automatically reboots after a crash, the Settings Menu appears again, whereas it should not.
  • Bug #33227 Frequent remote disconnection.
  • Bug #32793 Choregraphe - Timeline box - Red bar not displayed when clicking on green Play button.
  • Bug #35668 Choregraphe - Mac only - Doesn’t display an error message when there is errors in Python files.
  • Bug #34338 Choregraphe - Project properties: No speaker icons.
  • Bug #35289 Choregraphe - Timeline curves are messed up after a zoom in/zoom out.
  • Bug #35919 Choregraphe - Robot view freezes when selecting animation box in box library and animation previous isn’t visible.
  • Bug #35927 Choregraphe - “Export Vision Recognition Database” is disabled.
  • Bug #35929 Choregraphe - Cannot send current vision recognition database to the robot.
  • Bug #35731 Monitor - Crashes if user enter a wrong IP address.

  • Bug #31812 Vision Recognition - no way to package a VRD in an app.
  • Bug #32835 Photo storage clean up method takes long to perform.
  • Bug #32159 Sound Localization and Detection are blocked after having called ALAudioDevice.setParameter(“outputSampleRate”)
  • Bug #32741 ASR not paused when saying a notification.
  • Bug #30634 Visual tracking takes time to start.

  • Bug #29956 In Japanese keyboard, ‘Backspace’ key adds new characters instead of deleting current.
  • WPA2-Enterprise only experimentally supported.

  • Bug #29336 Choregraphe - Mac only Choregraphe does not detect disconnection.
  • Choregraphe - Arabic may encounter right-to-left edition issues.

  • Bug #22971 MoveAlong only works on Pepper. Planar moves is not yet available for NAO.
  • Bug #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage (NAO V4).