SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.5?

Charging Station Settings

The Charging Station Settings section allows you to configure the automatic usage of the Charging Station.

Name Allows you to ...
Automatic charging On/Off

Activate or deactivate the automatic usage of the Charging Station.

Once on, gives access to the related settings.

Pepper will leave his station when battery reaches Allows you to set the level of battery triggering the search of the Charging Station.
Pepper will stay on the charging Station even after fully charged Allows you to keep Pepper on his Charging Station during a specified time slot, for example, to prevent unwelcomed movings during the night.


  • Make sure the Charging station is correctly installed and plugged.
  • Make sure Pepper is close enough.


For details about usage, see: Charging the battery.