SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.5?

Configuring Pepper for the first time

Getting started wizard

When Pepper is started for the first time, a Getting started wizard appears on the tablet:


Touch the screen to start the wizard, then go through all proposed steps:

Language and software agreement

Step Action

Choose a language.


Then click the next-button next button.

Check and validate the 2 conditions of the End-user Software License Agreement.


Then click the next-button next button.

WiFi connection

Specific cases

If you ... See ...
have been provided with a QR Code WiFi connection using a QR Code
must use a hidden network WiFi connection to a hidden network
need to configure the MAC address filtering of your WiFi accesss point MAC Addresses

Otherwise, follow the process below:

Step Action

Select one of the available WiFi networks.


Note: Choose a Wifi network having one of the Supported personal securities.

Complete the required parameters.


Click the Connect button.


Once the WiFi is connected, a yellow star is displayed.


Click the next-button next button.


Customization steps

According to the presetting of your Pepper, the following setting may appears:


Choose a time zone.


Then click the next-button next button.


Define a password to secure remote access to your Pepper.



Keep the password!

Robot’s password is mandatory to connect a computer to Pepper and to Pepper Web page.

Then click the next-button next button.

Robot’s name

Customize the name of your Pepper.

This is useful if you have more than one Pepper.


Then click the next-button next button.

Aldebaran Community user account

Enter the login and password of your Aldebaran user Community Account.


You will henceforth be able to retrieve applications and services from the Store.

Then click the next-button next button.


The connection to your Aldebaran user Community Account is tested.


  • if you get the message “Server ssl error”, try to reboot the robot.
  • if you get the message “Server error”, wait a few seconds and retry.

Diagnostic & improvement

Check and validate the automatic diagnostic report.


Then click the next-button next button.

Application update

Click the Update all button.


Then click the next-button next button.

System upgrade

Step Action

Click the Update now button.


If necessary, messages guides you in order to make sure the battery charger is plugged.


Click the Start update button.


Final step

The configuration is completed when the screen below appears:

Step Action

Click the Start! button.

After few seconds, the Settings menu appears.


You may check and modify additional settings such as Volume or Brightness.

For further details see: Settings menu.

Touch the close_btn close button.

Start interaction with Pepper.

For further details see: Interacting with Pepper.