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Basic Channel - What can I say to Pepper - Italian

If you do not know what you could say to Pepper, try one of the following sentences.


These sentences are the canonical forms. A canonical form is the standard. Some of variants can also work. For example, you can also try “How can I call you?” for “what’s your name?”

Prerequisite: Autonomous Life: ON - basic_channel_pep: ON

Meet Pepper

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English Italian
How are you? Come stai?
Can you say goodbye? Puoi agitare la mano per dire ciao?

About the applications

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English Italian
What can you do? Cosa puoi fare?
Tell me all you can do. Quali sono le tue applicazioni?


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English Italian
What did I say? Cosa ho detto?
Can you repeat please. Ripeti.

Information about settings and system

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Battery level

English Italian
What is your battery level? Qual è il livello di carica della tua batteria?
Are you charging? Sei in carica?

Internet connection

English Italian
What is your IP address? Qual è il tuo indirizzo IP?
Are you connected to Internet? Hai il web?

Date & Time

English Italian
What time is it? Che ore sono?
What day are we? Che giorno è?


You can ask Pepper witch languages he can speak and understand.

English Italian
What languages do you speak? -

Modifying Language & sound settings

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You can ask Pepper to temporarly change his current language.

English Italian
Speak French. -
Can you speak French? -
Speak Japanese. -
Can you speak Japanese? -
Speak Chinese. -
Can you speak Chinese? -
Speak Italian. -
Can you speak Italian? -
Speak Spanish. -
Can you speak Spanish? -
Speak German. -
Can you speak German? -
- -
- -

Note: when Pepper is asked to to speak another language, the language changes but only while the user has the robot engaged in dialog. As soon as the current dialog is stopped, the language is set back to the one defined in his settings.


English Italian
Speak softer. -
Speak louder. -

Pepper‘s moves

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English Italian
Can you stretch your arms? [1] Allunga le braccia.
Raise your arms. [1] Alza le braccia.

[1] Try also left arm or right arm.


English Italian
Make your hands [2] move. Muovi le mani.
Can you open your hands [2] ? Apri le mani.
Can you close your hands [2] ? Chiudi le mani.
Can you put your hands behind? Metti le mani dietro.
Hands up! Mani in alto!

[2] Try also left hand or right hand.

More about Pepper

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Personal information

English Italian
What’s your name? Come ti chiami?
What is your nickname? Qual è il tuo soprannome?
Introduce yourself. Descrivere te stesso.
How tall are you? Quanto sei alto?
How much do you weigh? Quanto pesi?
How old are you? Quanti anni hai?
When is your birthday? Quando è il tuo compleanno?
Are you a boy or a girl? Sei un ragazzo o una ragazza?
What are you made of? Di cosa sei fatto?
What colour are you? Qual è il tuo colore?
What is your tablet for? Perché hai un tablet?


English Italian
Are you kind? Sei un robot gentile?
Are you cool? Sei grande?
Are you intelligent? Sei intelligente?
Can I trust you? Posso fidarmi di te?


English Italian
Are you human? Sei umano?
Are you alive? Sei vivo?
Are you sentient? Sei cosciente?
Can you think? Puoi pensare?
Can you feel emotions? Puoi provare emozioni?
How do you detect emotions? Ome fai a rilevare le emozioni?
Do you eat? Puoi mangiare?

Interaction with user

English Italian
Can you talk? Puoi parlare?
Can you see me? Mi vedi?
Can you hear me? Puoi sentirmi?
Can you understand me? Puoi capirmi?
Can you remember me? Puoi ricordare?



English Italian
Are you a robot? Sei un robot?
What is a robot? Cos’è un robot?
What is a humanoid robot? Cos’è un robot umanoide?
Will robots replace humans? I robot sostituiranno gli esseri umani?


English Italian
Do you know the laws of robotics? Conosci le leggi della robotica?

Famous Robots

English Italian
Do you know Nao? Chi è Nao?
Do you know Romeo? Chi è Romeo?


English Italian
Why is your name Pepper? Perché ti chiami Pepper?
Who decided to call you like that? Chi ti ha chiamato così?
Who made you? Chi ti ha realizzato?
Where were you made? Dove sei stato realizzato?


English Italian
Do you have a family? Hai una famiglia?
Do you have friends? Hai amici?
What is your friend’s name? Qual è il nome del tuo amico?
Can we be friends? Possiamo essere amici?